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Allotment Tips

Videos now on the sites - find out more in our allotment and chicken keeping videos.

Catching Up!

Catching up with my diary after a mad 10 days. Cute poultry pictures as well

Wonderful Day

Last cut of comfrey, harvesting the squash, building the compost heap and clearing yet more weeds.

Weeds & Wasps

Trailer on site, goodbye to the cucumbers and some weeds but a lot of wasps mean a retreat is in order

Harvesting & Storing

Managed to filch some time on the allotment and busy coping with the gluts.

National Vegetable Society Championships

The NVS had their national championships at the Dorset County Show which was a great success.

Old & New Farming Machines

A selection of photos for the petrol heads - vintage machinery, tractors, cars and a modern combine harvester

Dorchester County Show

2 days at the county show and onwards to Kent. Loads of pictures.

Rain, Beans & Dorset County Show Beckons

Fed up of the weather, more tomatoes and beans and preparing for the Dorset County Show and the National Vegetable Society Championships.

Forum Meet Up

Allotment under weeds, no sign of the cat, meeting up with forum members and Roughlee riding pigs!

Upgrade to The Poultry Pages

I've finished the upgrade to the poultry pages and expanded the breeders and suppliers lists.

More Harvesting & Preserving

Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, beans and yet more beans from the plot. Visiting Anglesey and making chutney. It's all go here.

More Beans Etc & Famine?

Our harvest continues and a scary program about the future of food on the telly.

Harvesting Beans, Beans & Beans!

Harvesting runner beans, French beans, purple beans and a few other bits.

A Day Filming

TV crew filming my tips at home and on the allotment

Harvesting Potatoes

Harvesting the potatoes now the weather has improved

Aminopyralid – Contaminated Manure Again

Those idiots at DEFRA have done it again - aminopyralid. Please read this.

Greenhouse Growing in the Rain

Despite the rain, the greenhouse isn't doing too badly. Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Peppers and starting lettuce off.

Deal with the Devil?

Guess who's jumping onto the allotment and chicken bandwagon now.

Fed Up of Rain!

Moaning about the rain but managed to get some things sorted. Wonderful cukes, thanks to Haz

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