Greenhouse Growing in the Rain

Well I’m finding this weather really frustrating. It’s not that it is terrible growing weather but getting anything done is difficult to say the least. If it’s not actively raining, the ground is sodden and wet.

Every cloud has a silver lining though and in this case it’s the greenhouse. Because the ground is so wet and I grow in the borders of the greenhouses, it doesn’t matter if I don’t water every day. Enough water gets in to keep everything going so just a top up is needed for the plants.

The tomatoes are doing well but, apart from the Sungold, being really slow to ripen. I’m sure just a week of sunshine and warmth will mean we’re coping with a glut of them.

The cucumbers are doing well though. Got 3 rather nice spiky Burpless Tasty Green, 1 Egyptian cucumber and 2 small Romanian cucumbers. It’s like the UN in there! What to do with all these cucumbers is the next question but I’ll leave that to Val.

The peppers are developing nicely, if a bit of a mixed bag. I think there’s about 3 varieties, 2 large, 2 medium and 2 small. These were bought plants rather than started from seed so they’re all a variety called ‘surprise!’

Back at the home greenhouse, the tomato plants I started from sideshoots are doing well in their large pots. One’s fruiting already and I’ve had to move them off the bench onto the floor as they’re getting too tall.

Back on the plots, the brassicas seem to be doing well. I’ll keep a close eye on them as all this rain is washing the nitrogen out of the ground and brassicas need lots of nitrogen. If they look as if they need it, I’ll give them a liquid feed to perk them up.

The beans seem to be doing well. The climbers are at the top of the pole and the dwarf beans are coming along. I’d sowed some Beurre de Roquencourt on plot 29 and they’re up now. A bit patchy, I reckon the germination rate is 50% but I’m not going to go back over to France to complain!

We’ve friends coming over from France to stay this week, perhaps we’ll get a couple of dry days and head down en masse for a weeding session on the plot. The weeds are doing really well. LOL

The stupid thing is when the weather is like this, the hoe catches in the claggy soil and uproots the weeds rather than cutting through. They then just get their roots back in the ground and carry on.

Seedling Lettuce and Cucumber

Seedling Lettuce and Cucumber

I’d thinned some Little Gem lettuces in the greenhouse that I’m starting off in modules and thrown the thinnings onto the gravel tray. Guess what? They’re rooting! Sort of proves my point.

We’d got a few larger lettuce on the go but they’ve gone over. It really is crazy, we prepare for summer and end up eating stew instead of salads! A few nights I’ve been putting a cardigan on it’s felt so chilly.

Took a few photos in the greenhouse which I’ve popped into the August Allotment Photos

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