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Pumpkin, Squash and French Beans

Sharing water, going slowly mad and harvesting squash. It's all go on the plot!

Harvest Continues from Cucumbers to French Beans

Weed them and reap! Sorry about the pun. Some lovely Beurre De Rocquencort yellow French beans for the freezer

Harvesting, Blanching and Freezing Runner and French Beans

A weekend of harvesting and blanching and freezing. On Saturday we gathered a carrier bag of French beans, one of broad beans, some runner beans and yet more courgettes.

Yellow Mini Squash and Climbing French Beans

Where were those beans hiding yesterday? Anyway harvested those and then the yellow mini squashes that were fast becoming maxi squash! Laid them on the table to cure.

Salad Crops, Cauliflowers and Potatoes Harvesting

Harvest continues and the French beans discovered in hiding. Yet more courgettes - the yellow ones look really dramatic - and then I noticed a climbing French bean. Hiding beneath the leaves were about half a carrier bag full!

Harvest Starts, Horsetail or Marestail Returns

Harvest starts for real with beans and peas. Planting cabbages and rotovating. Can anything kill off horsetail?

Potatoes in Greenhouse a Failure

Greenhouse potatoes - nil points and a bit of work on plot 5. How not to grow potatoes in a greenhouse

Runner Bean Tipis and Repaired Grow House

The weather changed from grey to lovely this afternoon so constructed some climbing bean supports

June 2024

What to do now on your plot!

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