Comfrey Cut for Potatoes and Failed Parsnips

Where’s the summer gone?

After the glorious weather, today returned to normal. Quite cool, windy and finishing with enough rain to drive me home but not enough to do a lot of good.


Spread the wilted comfrey cut from Friday between the rows of potatoes on plot 29. There wasn”t enough to do it all but next year the extra plants put in this year will be in production.

Perpetual Spinach

Sowed a small patch of perpetual spinach (beet spinach) at the top end of plot 5 where I had moved the stacked turves. The ‘real? spinach doesn?t seem to have germinated too well. Perhaps I should have sown more thickly. Anyway, this small patch should serve us as an additional vegetable.

Bye Bye Parsnips

The very late sown parsnips don?t seem to be coming up and I have a couple of rows doing OK so decided to utilise the space a bit more productively. Mantised (a new verb, to Mantis) the rows and then sowed two rows of dwarf French beans. One of Roquencourt and one of Canadian Wonder.

To sow them, drew a drill about two inches deep, then watered thoroughly, placed the beans about 2? apart, covered and watered again. The initial wetness should help the beans to germinate and the soil is quite warm now, which is needed for French beans.


Decided it was time to weed the Brassicas on plot 5 and to plant some of the ones in modules. Took the opportunity to widen the bed by moving one of the sides to the limit of the 8 foot poles that support the net. Managed to hoe through one of the purple sprouting (oh golly, or similar, quoth I)

As it started spitting decided to just get the net back over, which is a fair job of itself and leave planting for another day.

Only got slightly wet on the way home. Could do with a real good downpour but that is promised for later in the week

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