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Potatoes in Greenhouse a Failure

Potato Lesson

I decided to plant some potatoes in sacks in the greenhouse back on 13th March – not an auspicious date. Well today I thought I would open up a bag and see what had grown. The answer was nothing. Not a thing in the first bag. The second bag yielded 3 marble sized potatoes.

I think the problems are:

  1. I chose the wrong variety for this – International Kidney is a second early and a fast first early like Rocket would have been better

  2. I planted far too late. Next year I will try the same but in January and use fleeces if it gets cold. I will not be ordering from T&M either who delivered far later than I expected.

  3. They may be in too rich compost encouraging foliage rather than tubers??

Live and learn. The potatoes had produced loads of foliage which was shading hald the house and seemed to be teeming with aphids and whitefly. If they had come out a month ago, it would not have been a problem,

Down to the plot with the spent compost and the haulm for the compost heap.

Planting French French Beans

I had started some Rocquencourt off in pots and they were fitted in around the sweetcorn on plot 5. Two plots and I am short of space!

Gave the tomatoes in growhouses and in the open a feed with the comfrey liquid. Boy it stinks.

A marrow went in at the end of the potato bed and a cucumber (tasty king) with the tomatoes in the weed fabric.

Bit of half hearted weeding and that was my lot. I can cope with hot days but hot nights leave me tired all day.

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