Beans Rotting in Wet Compost

Having the plot nearly up to date it was time to sort out the tomatoes and seedlings in the garden.

The Great Bean Disaster

Of all the French and; Runner beans
I have managed to get 2 runner beans and 5 Canadian Wonder French
beans. Of the rest, what few have germinated have been eaten by slugs.

I think the problem has been keeping the compost too wet and the beans have rotted off.

Well, that’s gardening – you learn from your mistakes. I have re-sowed the following beans:

  • Kenya Bean Twiggy – in  modules (15 to a seed tray)
  • French Bean – Tendercrop in modules
  • French Bean – Canadian Wonder in modules
  • Climbing French Bean – Blue Lake in modules
  • Climbing French Bean – Cobra in modules
  • Runner Bean – Polestar in pots
  • Runner Bean- Streamline in pots
  • Runner Bean – Relay in pots

Then a late sowing in modules of Broccoli Corvet F1, Calabrese Decathlon F1 and Summer Cabbage Primo.

The Great Tomato Cull

Next job was to sort out the tomatoes.

Planted two Garden
Pearl into raised pots for the garden, the remaining 5 plants will be
given away to relatives and neighbours. These are nice red cherries and
crop really well.

In the garden we have 2 growhouses, which take a growbag. Into these
I sink 9″ bottomless pots (usually used for ring culture). By planting
deep into these I encourage root development and provide more compost
for them. Also planted a marigold (tagetes) with each one to ward off
the white fly – and they look pretty.

For the growhouses, 2 Sungold, 2 Ace, 2 Gardeners Delight.

For the allotment:

All the Roma, which will be planted in the open, 3 Gardeners Delight and 3 Moneymaker, which will be planted into growbags.

a few spares behind – just in case – and after donating 3 plants to the
neighbour the rest to the compost bin. Seems terrible but I just don’t
need them.

Moved the Gardeners Delight and Moneymaker to 6″ square
pots to hiold them until ready to plant out but the Roma should hang on
a week.

Took the Roma to the coldframe on the allotment and tried to
dig up a garlic bulb. Unfortunately not quite ready to give some wet
garlic to go with dinner.

Finally, noticed quite a few of the Dorian peas in modules are germinated so I’ll be planting those in a week or so,.

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