Second Comfrey Cut

Normally I write up my day when I get home or the next morning, but I’ve been changing the way I store the entries. Instead of each page being seperate, the content is now stored in a database along with the short description and meta tags describing the main points.

The reason for this is that it will enable me to find things more easily. If I want to search for the day when I planted potatoes, for example, I will be able to search on keywords or even print out an entire month at a time.

This will make the diary section more useful to me (and visitors, I hope) as well as reducing the time to make entries.

Net Result

A better diary but I’m now a bit behind in my entries!

So over the last few days, what have I done?

Luckily I have been playing with my new camera so the photo gallery will remind me.

I took a cut from the comfrey patch to provide fertiliser for tomatoes, This is the second cut from some of the plants for the year and the first for the smaller plants. Having done this I gave the comfrey a good feed of fish, blood and bone as well as some sulphate of ammonia I have left. I use the sulphate of ammonia to help rot down woody waste usually but comfrey is very greedy. In fact, it is the only plant that I am sure will take it without burning.

Laid the wilted leaves under a strip of weed supressant fabric where they will turn into wonderful tomato fertiliser.

Sowed a couple of rows of mixed salad leaves on plot 29’s salad bed as a cut and come again source of salad leaves. These went under a cloche. It’s quite amazing the difference a cloche makes. The lettuce planted recently under cloche are twice the size of those planted without.

Bit of weeding – boy do they grow!

The Anti Pigeon Construction

Built anti-pigeon defences for plot 5. I had some wire fencing, which was a bargain buy last year, so bought some 2″x1″ treated wood from the DIY and made moveable sides. These provide 2 rows across the plot and then I lay 8′ bamboo poles over. I also have a large net, which is laid over the poles and covers the narrow sides thereby keeping those pesky pigeons away from my tea to be.

Planted a row of greyhound cabbage, a row of early white sprouting and a row of early purple sprouting.

As we’re getting warm days and frosty nights, laid fleece over the potatoes on plot 5. I could earth them up to save them from frost but this way they can get some energy from the leaves and a warmer micro-climate.

I think that’s up to date.

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