Rants and Raves

My personal opinions on what’s happening in the world at large, especially things that impact on our food. The power of supermarkets, globalisation and the march of science.

For Peat’s Sake. The Peat Ban

Peat is to be banned for home growers next year. Is it justified and does it make sense? From the evidence, I don’t believe it does.

Commercial grower with potting compost

Problems with Coir Based Compost Growing Medium

With a ban looming for peat based composts, home growers are increasingly trying out coir based composts. Many are hitting problems.

Coming Food Shortage?

We’re facing a serious global food supply problem that will impact us in Britain. The question is how badly.

grazing ruminants

Thinking About Climate Change

Following on from unusual weather, some thoughts on climate change and the report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

Losing the Plot in Watford

The decision by the high court to allow the destruction of Farm Gate allotments in Watford affects us all and shows what is wrong with our democracy.

Brexit Cartoon

Where now for Gardeners & Growers?

Following the vote to exit from the EU, some thoughts on what this might mean for British gardeners and growers.

Viable Self-Sufficiency

I'm asking for your help to get a new book published on self-sufficiency and explaining why I think it will be valuable.

Changing the Countryside

They're not making any more land and what we do use is being exhausted by intensive farming globally. There will come a point where we will need to better use the marginal lands and uplands if we're to eat.

More Thoughts on Food Waste

Some more thoughts on food waste that led me to think about how we produce food here in the UK and it's eventual end.

TV Chefs & Food Waste

Most of us who take an interest in food and agriculture have been aware that much of the food we produce and buy is just wasted. But it takes a celebrity chef and a TV programme to get everyone talking.

GM Crops – the EU Vote

The EU voted on the 13th October to reject a compromise that allowed individual states to decide if they would allow the import of Genetically Modified Organisms for use in food and animal feed and the growing of GM Crops.

Modern Garden Machinery

A bit of a rant about 40 years of progress giving us garden machinery that just isn't reliable

Is Glyphosate Dangerous?

As more information comes to light, I'm wondering if Glyphosate is dangerous or not.

Recycle, Upcycle but not in Bexley

I'm ranting again - this time against a council that doesn't want its allotment holders to use recycled materials.

Allotments – I Am Charlie

Some thoughts on recent events and how allotments benefit us all. I am Charlie.

Messing up the Planet

A sad stop at a lay-by where I see just how low we can go.

Allotment Answer to Sustainable Food Production

New study proves that allotment growing maintains soil quality and is sustainable unlike modern agricultural practice.

Pickles Plot Thickens!

Q. 'When do you know a politician is lying?' A. 'His lips are moving!' More on the allotment sell off

Pickles – Leave them plots alone!

Turns out the government wasn't thinking about selling off allotments after all. So some good news!

Storms & G M Potatoes

We've escaped most of the storm but concerns for a new GM potato. Good thing or bad?

May 2024

What to do now on your plot!

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