Rants and Raves

My personal opinions on what’s happening in the world at large, especially things that impact on our food. The power of supermarkets, globalisation and the march of science.


Storms & Cataract Operation

Storm after storm but my main concern has been my cataract operation.

Merry Christmas! Blessed are the Cheesemakers.

New threat from the EU to gardeners, new articles on the site about making butter and cheese and wishing you all a Merry Christmas.

McCarthy Haulage Driver Sucks!

These people could get an award for being the worst delivery company in the UK with this driver

Allotment Rent Rise Victory

A victory in the battle against extortionate allotment rent rises by cash strapped councils.

Solar Photovoltaic Panels & Feed in Tariffs

Buying solar panels to generate electricity. Maybe not as green as I'd like but makes financial sense.

Internet Blues

Moaning about our internet connection woes.

Supermarket Shenanigans

Supermarkets at it again, hopping on one leg and shredding the brushwood.

Insulating to Reduce Energy Bills

Trying to keep warm for less money by installing extra loft insulation

Allotments in the Community

An example of how allotments can benefit the community and why rents should be kept low.

Allotments on Ebay

Maidenhead intends to auction allotment plots to the highest bidder. Disgraceful.

End of the World Blues

Sorry – nothing to do with allotments or growing really, just a rant!

Organic Growing or Chemical Growing

A general reply to some emails that hopefully explains my position. Plus a photo from 35 years ago

Selling Allotment Produce

Some thoughts on selling produce from the allotment.

Merry Christmas

A bit of a ramble and our Christmas wishes to everyone

Wood Burning Stove

Our wood burning stove is finally installed. Our experience with this may be helpful.

Rural Living

Some observations on our new life in the country, rural living versus being a townie.

Demand for Allotments – Can You Help?

The allotment waiting lists have gone up another 20% in a year. Can you help get more allotements?

Thinking Ahead – Our Attitude to Food

Some thoughts on why the government should be increasing allotment provision now as Britain is particularly at risk from food shortages.

April 2024

What to do now on your plot!

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