Aminopyralid Suspended Official

I’m seeing reports, unconfirmed now confirmed, at the moment, that the Aminopyralid based herbicides have been withdrawn and that the licence has been suspended.

I must say this is brilliant news, if true, but the toxic manure problem is likely to be with us for some years yet. Even in every farmer stops using his stock (possible, I suppose) then it is still in the system. Cattle are still eating and excreting this chemical. It could take 3 years to de-activate in a manure pile.

I’ve seen no official announcement on the PSD web site or DOW website.

It now states on the PSD web site amongst other things:

PSD has accepted this and amended the approval of all products containing aminopyralid to suspend the approval for sale, supply, and use with immediate effect whilst further investigations are undertaken.

Not quite absolute victory, but near. Please check the comments below for other info


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9 comments on “Aminopyralid Suspended Official
  1. Tracy says:

    Here’s hoping it is the case and that things have been acted upon quickly. Fingers crossed.

  2. kay says:

    Extract from Hansard 22 July from answer by Phil Woolas

    Some cases of damage to susceptible crops which appear to involve the weed killer aminopyralid have arisen recently. In such cases, the label precautions on the use of manure may not have been followed when manure has been supplied to allotment holders and gardeners. The manufacturer has indicated that they are withdrawing products which contain aminopyralid from sale and PSD is formally suspending their authorisations while they investigate the options for preventing a recurrence of this problem. A key issue in their consideration will be whether the conditions of use regarding manure are sufficient, or sufficiently well known.

    Seems fairly definite

  3. John says:

    Thanks Kay – it looks good

    I’m amazed but delighted. They’ve spent so much money on this product I never thought they’d give way. Yippee!

    Goes to show how vulnerable our ecology is.

  4. jeff sheard says:

    lets not be to hasty. i am warming to the stuff. it is brilliant for keeping weeds at bay along footpathes etc.
    I also think i will win first prize for the bigest ugliest
    beefstake tomato. you have never seenone like this.Its already the size of a squash.

  5. tiffkat says:

    it is on both the DOW website and the PSD website.

    And shock horror for those who like a puzzle and visited theses sites previously note that the produce of effected crops is now safe to eat! Interesting too is that DOW are now despite being temporary withdrawn are looking to license this product in Europe for use on food crops!

    The arrogance is staggering but what should we expect from a company that is so heavily into promoting GM modified crops!

    Sign the e petition to have it banned make the temporary ban perminent!

  6. John says:

    tiffkat – not so much arrogance as big money. $80 Million for the USA.

    Some risks are justified – like medicines that might have a side effect but certainly save a life. But do we need this risk. I’m proud to have been the first to vote on the petition – it only takes a minute.

  7. kay says:

    Let us not get complacent, the PSD are investigating manure not aminopyralid!

    Re weeds on footpaths – your weeds are my flora but I suppose if we are marching to hell a clear footpath will help.

  8. colin says:

    i feel that I am lucky I have been looking at farmers in my area and the farmyard manure is good I have been asking people at the alottments where i live at a Durham a small village called South Hetton in the country nice place to live I have been trying to get one of the gardens there without success but name is on list will keep trying have to keep the vegs growing in the garden small but ok

  9. es sniher says:

    Carrots Beets and swiss chard all look good and we have eaten some carrots beets and peas. The potatoes and tomatoes have very curled leaves and the whole plant looks weird but tomatoes are still producing. Just wondering if they will be safe to eat. Does anyone know the answer to that question ?

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