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Beans, Squash and Courgettes

Where Have You Been?

Down to the site late on today with Val only to be greeted with questions as to where I have been and the scary statement that the site hasn’t been updated since Tuesday. Well on Wednesday we went to Llandudno for the day. It’s a lovely North Wales resort that still has its family feel, on Thursday I caught up with the work I didn’t get done on Wednesday and Friday was a nightmare. I use a dual monitor system and one of them died and later the graphic card developed a fault as well. The effect of this was to switch the computer off every couple of minutes without warning. Much rushing around and cursing that things only fail just out of guarantee ensued.

This morning was spent on catching up on Friday’s tasks and thence to the plot.

Beans, Squash and Courgettes

Val picked loads of French and Runner beans from the teepees whilst I picked another lot of the yellow sunburst squash and a couple of courgettes, they seem to have slowed down now. The deep beds on plot 29 got  a watering – we’ve had the grand amount of 3mm of rain this week according to my gauge  and the cucumber plant on the salad bed looked pretty thirsty.

Started emptying the compost bin on plot 5, putting the compost onto the space where the potatoes have come out and pulled a few more weeds.

It being very cloudy, cook and threatening, I returned home about 8pm although it has yet to actually rain, more’s the pity!

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