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Weather still against us.

I’d hoped to be much further on by this time. Plan was to have the greenhouse built in February and to be free to look after the patch. Mother nature had other plans, though.

The greenhouse is bursting at the seams, as are the coldframes and I”ve still got garlic in pots to go in with roots coming out of the bottom of the pots.

I bought a DVD last year of Amazon – the Victorian Kitchen Garden. They restored and grew for a year in an old walled garden as per the Victorians. Like the Victorians, they too were thrown back with rotten weather.

There?s no point in planting or sowing if the conditions aren?t right. Too cold and the seeds just germinate, too wet and they rot in the ground, too dry and they die of thirst. It?s a wonder we grow anything!

The soil is still cold; it is going to take a while for it to warm up even though the weather has changed. Best bet for this is to put some fleece or cloches over the ground and gain a few degrees that way.

Better late than wrong though, last year my parsnips went in two months later than the seed packets say. Best crop ever. Goes to show how nature has a way of putting these things right.

Web Site Changes

I don?t like working on a Sunday (OK, I don?t much like working) so as I couldn?t get out onto the plot on Sunday, I spent some time trawling the net and found some articles I enjoyed on gardening. I didn?t agree with every detail, but there was quite a lot of value in there. Since they were free to copy, I?ve put them onto the site under more articles.

I?ve also changed the menu slightly, making room for another section. Vegetables and Articles have amalgamated under Information. I?ll let you know on the new section when I?ve confirmed the details.

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