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Planting Prize Winning Selected Leek Bulblets

Leek Bulblets

On my visit to John Carver, who is a show judge for the National Vegetable Society and chair of our local branch, the Crewe and Nantwich District Association, he kindly gave me a seed head with little bulblets in from one of his prizewinning leeks.

Being as the weather is terrible and keeping me off the plot, I planted the little bulblets into some compost. This is a mixture of seed compost and a growbag, a little more nutrition that just seed compost but still quite light.

I kept them overnight in the south facing window of the office but they’re now in the south facing back bedroom, which is unoccupied and quite cool. I believe that around 13 degrees is the right temperature so that should be best for them

I’m not going for grow-lamps etc. I did take a look for that sort of equipment out of interest but the sites seem geared up towards specialist herb growers, which I’m not. (Yes, I do mean pot!)

If the leeks look like they’re doing well, I’ll make some supports from wire coat hangers and have a go at making them really good on the plot if not of a show standard.

Photo taken the next morning.

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