Ecological Considerations about Bonfires and Skips

Skip arrives on site.

The council put a skip on site three or four times a year for the rubbish. Because of the time of year and the weather, there aren’t many people on site so it isn’t being filled as quickly as usual.

We have some old wire fencing and a broken down old shed in there, plus various bits of rubbish that accumulates. Personally I’d have had a bonfire with it but apparently some people have complained about bonfires on other sites so we don’t want to rock the boat.

So instead of recycling some now useless wood into potash fertiliser, it will probably end up as landfill tahnks to someone who complains at a bit of smoke as he or she happily pumps CO2 into the atmosphere from heating systems. Eco-rant!

Since I have impeccable timing, I managed to arrive after the skip was loaded.

Moving the Notice Board

Our site rep, Larry along with another plotholder and a little help from me moved the notice board. We’re tidying up the site and may be making some improvements such as adding a flower bed by the entrance.

The sign was moved to a better position near to the gates.

Civic duties over, I started on my own jobs.

Moving yet more leaves!

As the leafmould cage on plot 29 was sinking already, I re-filled it to the top. About 6 barrowloads went in. Then carting leaves to plot 5’s cage and some of the chippings with lots of leaves in to the compost bin.

By next year, they’ll have started rotting down – thanks to the added urea balancing the carbon nitrogen ratio. Then I’ll turn the compost from the left bin to the right.

Although the weather was quite nice around lunchtime, by late afternoon it had clouded over and was starting to spit with rain. So to home.

New Allotment Rules and Regulations

I’ve seen a copy of the new rules and noticed a few changes. It seems we can have much larger greenhouses and polytunnels than in the last set (good move) and the best is, of course, left to last. Chickens and rabbits may be kept on the plots.

More on comfrey

I’m expanding the article on comfrey – I think it’s such a wonderful herb with so many uses that I need to expand on the brief article on site.

As I write this it’s raining like a power shower. One thing I still need to do is get the garlic planted but I can’t prepare the ground while it is so wet. I’ve also got some diggin to do. Never mind. It can’t rain for ever, can it?

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