Green Manure, Turkey Manure and a Fuel Crisis

Wind blows the lid off.

I have a polycarbonate coldframe I bought off Ebay for about ?25.00 instead of the 49.95 they want in the garden centre. It’s made of cedar, which I treated and twinwall polycarbonate. The problem is the cedar has warped making the polycarb loose. When I got to the site the first job was to find the polycarb from the lid. It turned up next to plot 29!

Fuel crisis and Green Manure

Next out with the Merry Tiller but I was out of fuel. Luckily our wonderful allotment rep lent me a fill so I rotovated the compost in that was spread next to the brassicas on plot 5. Having tidied up with the rake sowed some mustard as a green manure. I should be planting on here in a month so a quick growing green manure rather than the slower types.

Shoveling it

Who’d a thought 30 years ago today I would be happy shovelling the smelly stuff? Well I transferred a few barrowloads of the turkey litter mountain to the compost bin on plot 5 . Hope this will rot down fairly quickly to provide some more organic matter. On our soil you cannot have too much.

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