Planted Late Broad Beans, Squash and Pumpkins plus a Senior Moment

Seven hours solid on the plot today, enjoying the sunshine and warmth. And a senior moment realised.

Planted the broad beans on plot 29 – very late but what the hell? Squash (butternut and star). pumpkin and marrow got planted as well. All watered in with a touch of seaweed extract.

I’ve not seen any trials of the effects of seaweed extract but it can’t do any harm.

Emptied the compost bin on plot 5, which set my back off. The turkey farmer dropped another manure mountain off at the site so I’m filling one bin with it.

Senior Moment

Incorporating some fish blood and bone around the planting holes, realised I had made a real silly when I earthed up the new potatoes – I thought I was give them some FBB but it was lime in the FBB bag. Lime does not go well with potatoes so I have given some sulphate of ammonia, which I hope will counteract the lime.

Much kicking of self.

The compost has been put on the bed next to the brassicas on plot 5. Since I won’t have any thing in most of the bed for a bit, I’m going to sow green manure mustard seed.

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