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Problems, panics and a new grandson

I’d best start with an apology for not having posted anything all month. They say it never rains but it pours and that’s proven very true. It’s been an incredibly busy month for us with complications thrown in on top.

First of all, I’ve had a couple of medical problems. Nothing too serious but enough to get me down. I noticed a blurring in my vision a while back and when I finally got to see a specialist she confirmed that I’m developing a cataract. She was Spanish (I think) and at first I thought she said I was growing a cactus in my eye. Cataract seems most likely though.

This makes using the computer a bit tricky – strangely sometimes the screen is fine and at other times it’s like looking through grease smeared on my specs.

The other problem is my back. I shifted some logs and felt a twinge. When I straightened up, oh boy. My sciatica is back with a vengeance. The pain isn’t in my back but it feels like my heel has been badly bruised. What’s odd is that it can swap, one minute the right, the next the left heel.

So between those, I’m a bit limited. But the really important thing is this. Our daughter was expecting but we had some panics along the way. She’s had a really rough pregnancy and spent quite a few nights in hospital. Then she went in for a routine check and they decided to deliver him early with a C section.

Initially there were no major problems but with him but because he was premature they had him in an incubator and on additional oxygen. He also had some jaundice so they had him under the lights (I’m told they’re not grow lights!)

Eventually he was allowed home but took a few steps backwards and was re-admitted into hospital for a few days, which was a worry to say the least.

I’m happy to say he’s back at home, putting weight on and demonstrating he’s got a good set of lungs when he wants feeding. Hopefully life will settle down for us all now and we won’t be racing across the country in a panic.

A big welcome to Gabriel John Martin – isn’t he lovely?

Gabriel John Martin

Gabriel John Martin - photo by G Martin

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12 comments on “Problems, panics and a new grandson
  1. debz says:

    What a beautiful little boy. I am sure you are absolutely delighted to have him even if he can be vocal.

  2. Springlands says:

    John – he is lovely. Make sure you get lots and lots of cuddles – they grow up so quickly.
    Our GS is now seven (going on 17) and it is so hard to remember that he was ever that small.
    Hope that you get the back and eyes sorted soon.

  3. Margaret says:

    Sorry to hear of your health problems, delighted to see you posting again and congratulations on the birth of your beautiful grandson.

  4. Madcat says:

    Couple of tips for keeping you going till the eye op. I recently lost the sight for a couple of months in my good, dominant eye (back now, thanks to the surgeons 🙂 ). The brain didn’t take the poor information from the weak eye – why should it when it has always used the other for 50 plus years? – so in effect I had nothing. I found that an eyepatch, initially half of one of those for sleeping on a plane and later a proper black ‘Jim Lad’ one on elastic from the chemist, worked well. With nothing coming in, the brain used the other eye and ignored the fuzziness.
    Then the magnify function (control panel, display, magnify if you are on Microsoft) to make everything on the screen bigger. It is a pain having to whizz the mouse around just to read a line, but it and the eyepatch kept me working when otherwise I was functionally blind.

  5. John says:

    Thanks Madcat – some good ideas there.

    We’re just so happy that Gabriel is safe and sound despite it being a rocky road for him to get here.

  6. Margaret says:

    Aww, what a beautiful baby, glad he’s safe and well. Sorry to hear about your own health problems, gardening and bad backs usually go hand in hand. Hope things get better soon

  7. Tony says:

    Congrats. Our first arrived this month, with jaundice. Hope you get back to the growing soon.

  8. Jeremy Edwards says:

    Congrats on grandson.

    Heel problem answers a query. I’ve had sciatica on and off for years and have been getting heel pain, particularly in the evening.

  9. archie says:

    congratulations on the new arrival, G kids are great, we are waiting for number 6 this month. Pleased to hear he is back home, one of ours was a bit prem and it does stress everyone. Hope the ailments get sorted soon for

  10. Bob Eldridge says:

    John, sciatica usually means that a nerve is rubbing or is being brused by contact with the bones of the spine. If the pain is moving then there may be several nerves involved. You really should se your GP and get a picture taken to see what is involved.

  11. Snowdrops says:

    So glad that Gabriel is now safely delivered. It must have been such a worry for you all. Shows he’s a fighter if he can cry lustily. Best wishes to you all. Hope your ailments get sorted soon,maybe it’s your body’s way of telling you to take time out & enjoy being a Grandad.

  12. billy mxl says:

    hi john
    congratulations on your new arrival
    bad back – tell me about it
    watched a farmers year on horse and country this
    morning got up and my backs gone

    allotment and heavy work all last week – no problem
    watching tv must be bad for your health
    keep moving if you can
    ta bill

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