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Well the good news is that the water butts now sit on a firm, secure base and a ton of slate dust has been spread out to make a sort of patio / seating area by the cow shed. The bad news is that I’ve managed to do something to my leg muscles doing it.

I’ve been having a few problems with my back recently, due to mauling some heavy slate and rocks about, but this is a new one. I’m not quite sure exactly how I managed it, but this morning my right leg is really painful. It’s the back thigh muscle above the knee. I’m limping around and it doesn’t half hurt to bend or straighten my leg.

John Trim FNVS with prize winning carrots

John Trim with prize winning carrots at a horticultural show

So, despite quite a nice afternoon, I’ve been inside. Not wasted though, I’ve been doing some work on the web site.

Growing Vegetables for Show

For a start we’ve another three articles on show growing on the site. I don’t grow for show myself but I’ve learned a lot from other members of the National Vegetable Society that’s applicable to ‘normal’ vegetable growing. In a way, it’s like getting tips on winning the parents egg and spoon race from Seb Coe!

I’m not against show growing, I just don’t like competing. Too many years in competitive jobs have turned me off it, whether I win or lose. However, I love seeing the wonderful examples of plants at the top shows and the spirit of village shows.

After the articles on Growing Potatoes for Show, we’ve now got articles on Growing Carrots for Show and Vegetative Propagation of Leeks.

They’re all by John Trim, FNVS. He’s been gardening since Noah was a lad and is a horticultural lecturer, qualified NVS judge and top show grower. He’s also a really nice guy and writes well.

More Gardening Video Clips

I’ve also uploaded some more videos to the site. Making Muck Tea, Pinching out Broad Beans and Early Potatoes. They’re all short clips but interesting. No fluff – just like listening to an expert on the plot.

We’ve a lot more videos to go on, but like everything it all takes time. I had some tech problem with them but that’s sorted now. Quick tip, never decide to start sorting a computer problem at 10pm. It’ll be 2am before you know it.

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One comment on “Show Growing & Videos
  1. Nick says:

    The pain in the leg may well be from your body trying to compensate from the back issue.

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