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New Mower & Doing the Job Properly

Well it’s been quite busy here. Over the weekend we had friends to visit so didn’t get out into the plot. She’s a lecturer in countryside management, so I did some shameless brain picking. Part of the plan here is to plant a lot of trees come the autumn to provide shelter and she explained the correct way to plant for starters. If you’re planting whips in volume then you don’t do it the same way as a fruit tree.

Fixing Up the Water Butts Again

You may recall I set up a couple of water butts a while back. Unfortunately I did a bit of a hurried job on the base for them and it wasn’t quite big enough. I bodged it with a piece of slate but the weight of the full butt caused a crack and one of them was about to slip off. So drain the butts and re-do the base properly time. If a job’s worth doing…

I found a piece of slate just over 4 feet by 2 feet by a wall in a far field and realised it was the perfect size for the base. Getting it over from there was a job and a half even using a sack truck. What I should have done is to have a good hot bath when I got in but I was too tired. So the next morning I was wandering around with a frozen back for an hour until the ibuprofen kicked in and muscles relaxed.

Just to add to the fun, we’ve had a ton of slate chippings delivered to make a sitting area near the butts. I moved half of it. Heavy lifting is not a good cure for an aching back. That fellow who claimed ‘Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ was talking hogwash!

On the Veg Plot

The broad beans I sowed in the first bed are looking a little yellow. Often yellow leaves is a sign of lack of nitrogen so scattered some pelleted chicken manure around. It could be waterlogging but I think the soil is well drained. Sometimes cold will cause it but I’ve a couple of spares in pots and they’re looking healthy.

My runners aren’t looking too healthy either, very spindly and little growth yet. Oh well, it’s a learning curve on a new plot. The good news is the very late potatoes, they’re looking really good on top. Fingers crossed the tubers do as well.

We had our first tomato yesterday. My daughter kindly brought us 2 plants in pots, 100s & 1000s cherry tomatoes. We’ve put them in the most sheltered spot by the house and, so far, they’re looking OK. Plenty more ripening. Next year, when the greenhouse is going, I’m looking forward to having a glut from 4 or 5 varieties.

A New Petrol Lawn Mower!

When we moved here we didn’t bring the electric lawn mower with us. For starters, I didn’t think we’d need a lawn mower and secondly cables only stretch so far. I did have a petrol strimmer for my birthday but, good as it is, there’s too much grass to handle with it.

The answer is a petrol lawnmower. I wanted one with a wide cut, side discharge and mulch and self-propelled. Found one on Ebay but our Forum expert Gwiz reckoned he’d never heard of the make and spares could be a problem

On his advice we’ve bought an Al-ko 520. They’re not cheap but hopefully it will last us for many years.

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One comment on “New Mower & Doing the Job Properly
  1. Alison says:

    I like the bit about the larger lawn. What about “handy for sides of mountains”?

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