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On the way to the plot I pass a few houses who are having work done. One of them had a pallet in the skip outside so I’ve been keeping an eye out for them to be in so I could ask them for it. Today was my lucky day,  the builder was there and  not only said I could have the pallet but also all the wood in the skip and there were a few bits around the back I might want.

This turned out to be some assembled decking, about  7 feet square, a couple of large gates covered in weldmesh and a couple more bits of wood. Wow! Not sure exactly what I’m going to do with it all but I’m sure it will come in useful.

The decking was obviously too awkward for me to carry on my own but as I arrived on the plot, so did Larry.  He agreed to give me a hand and off we went. What I hadn’t realised was how heavy the blessed thing was. It nearly killed me getting it around to the site and, because of the compost being in the way, we leaned the decking against the fence.

Back and forth for a bit getting the rest of my booty and then a break to get my breath back.  Anyway, I’m going to have decking next to my shed and will be nearly as swish as Gianni and Janice  who certainly have the smartest plots on the site now. The colour scheme is seagrass apparently!

Collected half a bag of tomatoes, a few courgettes and a couple of bags of sweetcorn . The sweetcorn is nearly at an end now, only about 10 cobs that need to ripen left.  Some of the chilies are red now in the greenhouse and the sweet peppers are looking promising, The aubergines are swelling too so fingers crossed there.

Took up some of the corn stalks and the weeds from yesterday went onto the compost heap.  I cut the corn stalks up with my secateurs to speed up decomposition and layered with sulphate of ammonia and lime in the heap.

By the time I done all this I was getting tired. OK, moving the decking had done me in! Did a little more weeding but by 7.30pm it was distinctly chilly and time to head home. Greeted by Val who asked me where the lettuce she’d asked me to bring was. Trudged back round, got a lettuce and back home to collapse into the settee.

It’s great to have some decent weather and actually get something done on the plot.

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