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Frost Improves Parsnips and Livestock esp. Chickens on Allotments

Weather Turns Cold

Having been away for the weekend, didn’t get a chance to get down on the plot. The first thing I noticed was the change in the weather and tonight there is a frost.

This will be good for the Parsnip’s flavour – although I wish I’d got the garlic in by now. I’m pretty sure they’ll be OK anyway.

Changes to the web site

I’ve been reviewing the web site and decided to make some changes. It’s apparent that many people keep livestock on their plot so I think a livestock section is called for. Iexpect to include poultry (after my great poultry battle that’s a must!) but also rabbits, bees and I’ve even heard of someone keeping pigs and a goat on an allotment. So that’s one section to add.

The other thing I think would be good is a forum so we can chat to each other. I downloaded PHPBB and installed it OK but it comes with a default colour scheme which is not really what I want. Started reading up on how to alter it to fit in and have discovered a host of files that need altering, graphics to re-do in my colour scheme and so forth.

By 2am I thought it best to retire to bed. Upshot is, expect changes when I’ve caught up a bit on the plot!

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