Uncultivated Plots on the Allotment Site

Weeding and Digging

Dropped down around 2.30 pm and I was on my own on the site – since the sun was shining I was quite surprised but it did mean I got on with things instead of chatting.

First thing was to weed the leeks on plot 5. Amazing how well the weeds grow! I don’t hoe between leeks as it usually results in chopped leeks.So hands and knees job but it doesn’t take long.

Then to plot 29 where the green manure mustard had been cut down. Dug over and weeded the small cabbage patch in the middle. Took the protective cage off – I think they are big enough to avoid the pigeons now.

The Site

Larry turned up around half past five and we took a walk around the site. We have someone coming down to look for a plot but they are all taken. Unfortunately some have taken plots but are not cultivating them.

2 people have 2 plots each but are just letting them go to weed. I don’t mean they are a bit weedy, I mean they haven’t been down for months. Just is not fair. I tried to persuade Larry we should ask those with 2 plots (unused) to give up one at least so we can get room for those who actually want to use them.

Taking on a plot and finding it too much I can understand, but two plots?

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