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Rhubarb and NVS Meeting

Tuesday being yet another lovely day, I got a bit more time on the plot. As usual, by the time I escaped the dreaded computer it was into the afternoon and even as I left, the phone was going. That’s what answering machines are for.

Someone once suggested I take my mobile with me to the plot so I wouldn’t miss important calls. My less than innocent question in reply was “Important to who?” OK, I know the grammar’s wrong but that wasn’t what annoyed them.

When I got there Andy was busy converting left over wood from a decking project into a raised bed. His son was busy sawing wood as well, just not sure he was sawing the wood Andy wanted sawing. I’d forgotten how demanding children are and the need for eyes in the back of your head.

Got the camera out and snapped a picture of the path in all it’s wood chip covered glory. It’s nice to be able to walk down to the compost bins without slipping. Hopefully we’ll get some more chippings soon. I could do with a few more barrow loads and I know other plotholders would like some.

After Monday’s efforts I wasn’t feeling hugely fit so I did a little digging over where the Jerusalem artichokes had been. Unearthed quite a few more tubers so I popped them in a carrier for the lady on plot1 who loves them.

Next job was to plant some rhubarb. Jim had split his crowns and had spares so I’d left them to get frosted before planting. I was surprised by how quickly they were sprouting but with this weather they probably think we’re in April. They’ve gone in a row on the large bed on plot 29. I’m allowing 2 feet between plants and about that on either side. Rhubarb tends to grow large. They’ve lots of compost but I’ll give them some pelleted chicken manure. Rhubarb likes nitrogen to feed all that leaf growth.

With the way the EU is going I may just need the rhubarb to make whitefly spray. You name it, them clever people are banning it for home growers. Even the organic remedies.

I went off to the National Vegetable society meeting in the evening. It was Dave Hampsey speaking who always gives a good talk. He has no idea what about until he starts but then the information comes thick and fast. Everything from potato blight to raised beds tonight.

Val stayed at home and made the butter from the bargain cream she picked up the other day. Hate to admit it, but she made a better job of it than I did. I didn’t quite get all the water out but she did. We ended up with nearly 1.5Kg of butter (six packs) at a cost of 23p each plus half an hour or so of work. Result!

Today, Wednesday, was pretty nice but a little colder. I can’t believe how warm it is for the time of year though. I cleared the municipal compost from the spot where the fourth raised bed is going. In hindsight, I should have piled it further up the plot.

Since there’s a slope on the plot and I want the bed level, one side would end up higher than the other so I may make this bed two boards high to allow the step down. Think I’ll sleep on that problem.

This diary may be offline for periods tomorrow as I’m updating the software. This usually involves me cursing the machinery in fluent Anglo Saxon!

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