Farewell Amber Cat

We’ve shared our lives for nine years with a little blind cat. She came to us from a local rescue in November 2011. She coped so well with being blind that it took a week for us to know something was up. Even the first vet we saw thought we were being silly.

Anyway, she coped marvellously. The only major scrape was when she vanished for ten days in the cold of winter back in 2012. We’d more or less lost hope when she appeared through the cat flap and settled down in front of the fire as if she’d been out for ten minutes.

They’d actually found her raising kittens in a shed on Anglesey, eating what she could hunt. Boy did she eat when we had her. She was very polite if we were eating, stuck to her side of our plate! Her condition improved no end in short order.

We read up on blind cats and they said not to let them outside, don’t move furniture etc. Well it was nonsense; we soon learned that we needed to make no concessions to her blindness – she didn’t.

Cat’s do have a hierarchy and in short order she became top moggy in the house. Even denying a big ginger tom the others were scared of entry by standing in the cat flap and fighting him. You shall not pass! I don’t think she knew he was three times her size.

About a month ago we realised she was losing weight and condition. The bloods revealed kidney problems. They’re very serious and there’s little that can be done apart from diet. We moved moved her onto a special diet but that wasn’t helping, she was still losing weight.

Back to the vets who re-examined her and found a mass in her abdomen. 99% a tumour. We treated that with steroids and they seemed to be having some benefit. We were hopeful she’d get to see the summer.

On Saturday she was in good form, followed me up to the polytunnel and steadier on her feet. It may seem a small thing but it was the first time for a week she’d just gone out to enjoy a wander rather than just toilet and back

Sunday she’d stepped back and I knew it wasn’t good but hoped she’d perk up again. Monday early morning, about 6am, she was distressed. Staggering about, blundering into the walls and I don’t think she knew me. Eventually she settled down to sleep on my bed but I knew the time had come.

She was a little improved on the way to the vet, purring as I gently stroked her. I think she was ready to leave. We’re devastated.

I’ll share a few photos from happier times.

She really liked eating cucumber leaves – incredibly bitter but she was drawn to them like catnip

She liked the warmth of the shelf above the radiator next to me in the office

Sitting on the wall outside

Fast asleep on the warm shelf

Fairly recent, asleep on the futon sofa behind me

After her vanishing act, she just lay down by the fire

Taking a stroll in the sunshine

Having walked the field so she knew what was there, she raced up and down

Amber on the back of a chair. She just liked our company

Sleeping in the magazine rack

Amber in Snow

Amber Heading Back in the Snow

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5 comments on “Farewell Amber Cat
  1. Marysia Glinczewska says:

    I must admit reading this brought a tear to my eye. What a lovely cat and what a happy life.

  2. Anna Scamans says:

    I’m so sorry, she sounds like a really special lady. They always tell us when they’re ready to go. Thank you for making a loving space for a rescue moggy.

  3. David says:

    What a lovely story. Unfortunately cats can go at any time – I’ve had one that lived till 17 and died of old age, another that was really fit and healthy, but got run over at the age of 4. Nine years is a good life and a lot of happy memories. I know what you mean about defending their house – The old cat we had, in her later years, wouldn’t challenge other cats coming into the garden. But one day, another cat approached the front door of the house and she was not having any of it. She had no trouble scaring her/him off. All the cats we have had have been rescue cats and each one has been an amazing and loving pet. I would never buy from a pet shop or breeder.

    • John Harrison says:

      All of our cats over the years have been rescues except for a few strays that have just moved in of their own accord. We do our best for them all but some are very special in our heart.

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