Mud on the Allotment Site and a New Camera

Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud

There’s been a break in the weather today, actual sunshine at points. So, to the plot for a bit of happy compost moving. I didn’t get too much done because it started to rain after a bit but I suppose I moved about another cubic yard or so.

The good news is that my back just aches a little rather than being completely seized.

As to the title for today, it is really muddy on the site. In front of my shed I had scattered a load of wood chippings and these have rotted down. Combine that with the compost and you have sucking wet mud.

The ruts left by the compost delivery lorry are full of water, which was providing great fun for the kids who had come onto the site with their parents – charging up and down threatening to fill their wellies.

New Camera

My Ebay bargain arrived today and it’s fantastic. An f1.8 lens with three times optical zoom just for starters. The picture quality seems really good and four megapixels is actually more than sufficient unless you want to make poster sized photos.

The manual is a little daunting, I’ve skimmed the quick start guide but the full thing runs to 200 pages. I’m looking forward to finding out how to use the remote control with it. I’ve never had a camera with a remote control before, I’m sure there must be a use for it.

It came to the plot with me and I took a few shots, funny thing was I had a message today that implied I took nothing but pictures of compost mountains, so only one photo of the compost mountain today.

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