Planting First and Second Early Potatoes

I must be mad!

The sun was out and the weather forecast good so my prayers being answered, decided to plant the earlies which have chitted nicely but are now a little overdue.

So, loaded with 4 seed trays of potatoes, 3 of red baron onions in modules to the plot.

First planted the lettuce from yesterday, cloched over and down came the rain.

Sheltered for a while until it stopped then started on the potatoes.

Used the Mantis furrowing blades to dig the furrows on Plot 5 potato bed then placed some comfrey leaves in before placing the seed potatoes in. The soil was so wet that the Mantis was not effective, so using hoe and spade finished getting the soil out.

Proceeded to plant at 12″ spacing with 24″ between rows, from the compost bin end up:

  • Arran Pilot (1st Early) – 1? rows

  • Orla (1st Early) – 1? rows

  • Anya (2nd Early) interesting salad potato – 2 rows

  • International Kidney (2nd Early) the ‘Jersey Royal’ 1? rows

Doesn’t sound much for a day, but with the showers, drizzel and a thunderstorm at lunchtime, not the nicest day on the plot.

As we’re going away for a week on Thursday, little choice. I suppose I could have saved a days work and getting soaked by buying from the supermarket.. that’s why I must be mad.

Hope to get the onions in tomorrow, weather permitting. Took a few photos as well while I was down there.

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