Bad Weather, Cold & Carbon Dioxide Benefit

Well the weather is now just ridiculous. Last week it looked like spring was established and it was full steam ahead. I even went so far as to make a list of jobs and work out what had to be done first. That was tempting fate.

Snow and Hail

Snow and Hail on Wednesday 27th

The temperatures have plummeted and Wednesday took star prize giving us sunshine, hail, snow, sunshine, rain and more hail in one day. Not exactly the weather to encourage me out to the plot.

So I’ve been keeping the wood burner fed – I swear we’ve gone through more wood since spring arrived than we did through the winter. I thought I was set up for next winter but the wood pile is going down fast.

Just in case I was tempted to head out to the shed or greenhouse, my darling grandson visited and kindly donated his cold which has hit his old grandad harder than it hit him. I’d almost forgotten how children manage to bring home every bug going. And what parent can forget the first time their little one arrived home with a note from the school using the dreaded word ‘nits’ ? Joys to come.

I’ve been working away on the development web site. It’s looking good now but there’s still a fair amount to do before I can press the go button. Maybe two weeks away now, possibly a bit less. Having this cold doesn’t help – I don’t work well on 4 hours sleep due to coughing half the night.

Carbon Dioxide Benefit

I did notice an interesting article on the BBC web site about climate change. Apparently the increased CO2 levels are causing extra vegetation growth which is sucking up some of the excess. Nature helping the planet resist our determination to produce and consume more and more no matter what the consequences.

As you may know, many commercial tomato growers in the UK actually feed the carbon dioxide (not to be confused with the deadly carbon monoxide) from their heating systems back into the greenhouse because of this growth benefit. It’s very significant.

Of course this won’t go on forever. At some point lack of other nutrients and water will slow growth rates back towards normal and the CO2 will rise faster. The big worry is we’ll hit a tipping point. Like old-fashioned scales where you added bits until it suddenly tipped over.

What will happen then is anybody’s guess but I’m betting it won’t be good.

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