Sarpo Potato Offer

You may remember that in August I visited Dr David Shaw who runs the Sarvari Research Trust which is the organisation developing the blight and disease resistant Sarpo potatoes.

These conventionally bred (not Gene Modified) potatoes are great for organic growers since they naturally throw off the blight rather than needing spray after spray to stand a chance.

They have a problem though. Us gardeners tend to be very conservative. We find a variety we like and that’s it, we won’t try anything new. Also Sarpo Mira, which was the first variety they produced, was a bit of a Marmite brand. Some loved them and others hated them.

Sarpo Trial PackTrial Pack of Sarpo Potatoes

So I suggested to Dr Shaw that what was needed was a trial pack of some of the new varieties they’ve brought out so people could try them alongside their traditional spuds. Well he listened and there’s a decent trial pack available. The packs are 1.5Kg which I understand gives approximately 8 tubers per variety (there is no guarantee of numbers which can vary depending on the seed crop harvest each year ). Just right to give them a proper try but not so many that you’re stuck for space.

Save £1.50 with Our COUPON CODE

The trial packs are priced at £5.99 plus £3.98 delivery which isn’t bad for mail-order seed potatoes but, just for us, there’s a voucher code giving an extra £1.50 off, making the trial pack just £4.49.

To claim the extra discount, use coupon code ag1516 (all lower case) at the checkout.

Order Here Sarpo Potatoes Trial Pack

Please note:

  • Offer on trial pack only
  • 1 offer per account
  • Only on trial pack
  • Shipping applies (£3.98 signed for if trial pack only applies)
  • Runs from now to 31/1/2016

The three varieties in the trial pack are:

Sarpo Axona – blight resistant, red skinned main crop. Gives large, regular tubers. Floury potato idea for chipping, mashing and baking. Strong, weed suppressing foliage. Very large yields.

Sarpo Kifli – blight resistant, white skinned second early crop, Waxy salad type potato with a new potato flavour all year round, Ideal for raised beds and container growing. High yielding.

Sarpo Blue Danube – unusual blue skinned variety with strong resistance to tuber blight. The perfect roastie!

Order Here Sarpo Potatoes Trial Pack


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4 comments on “Sarpo Potato Offer
  1. Derek thomson says:

    When will the Sarpo trial packs be delivered, I would require delivery to arrive by 9th January due to a winter holiday. Thanks Derek Thomson

  2. john heath says:

    why is my post code causing problems for for delivery (EX15 3RJ)?
    Also no phone number listed to get the help suggested.

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