Greenhouse Damaged in Storm – Again

Thursday 13th

Another storm with south-easterly winds hit gusting to goodness knows what and the greenhouse took another hit, blowing out a pane at the front and one from the back which luckily didn’t smash. There’s not much you can do when the wind’s howling and the rain is hitting you from the side apart from practice choice phrases in Anglo-Saxon that are best not printed here.


The Greenhouse looks basically OK in this shot. Note the side path is finished.

As I write I don’t know the full extent of the damage but the plan is to take all the glass out and re-glaze using the new capping that Vitavia kindly sent me recently to hold the glass in. At the same time I’m going to use some of the bars and stretchers from the old greenhouse to strengthen this one.

It’s a lovely greenhouse but our conditions here are pretty extreme. It’s in the most sheltered spot we have and I don’t know what else I can do. I think we’re outside the envelope it’s designed for.

Greenhouse Front

Greenhouse Front. The doors are nearly vertical, it’s the frame that’s bent

Val, meanwhile, kept busy converting green tomatoes, onions and various items from the store cupboard into chutney. The wonderful smell of the cooking vinegar filled the house which normally puts me into a good mood although not so much today.

Friday 14th

3am sees me sitting in kitchen drinking hot chocolate and listening to the storm howling down the chimney. I thought the wind was calming and passing over at tea time but it came back with a vengeance. Useless trying to sleep with this going on.

11am and I drag myself up after a few fitful hours of sleep. After feeding the cats who are dying of starvation, pop outside to review the damage. Another large pane has gone along with a small triangle shaped one. There’s glass bits everywhere.

Greenhouse Side Twisted

Greenhouse Side Twisted. You can clearly see the twist in this shot

Otherwise the greenhouse looks in good shape. Amazingly the doors are still on. Then I realise the frame is twisted at the front as if a giant hand has pushed it from the windward side. Hopefully, when the glass is out, I can straighten it up. Got to say I’m feeling very disheartened.

Spent a few hours just sweeping up the bits of glass which have got everywhere. Decided I don’t have enough daylight left to strip all the glass so will do that tomorrow which promises to be a decent day. My son in law is coming over to help as well so fingers crossed we can get it all done.

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8 comments on “Greenhouse Damaged in Storm – Again
  1. louise says:

    Have you looked at Rhino Greenhouses? They’re not the cheapest but are extremely strong. I was very impressed with the service from the company (greenhouses direct) too. Out greenhouse is probably a bit more sheltered than yours but we get pretty strong winds here too – 450 feet up in the Conwy Valley

  2. louise says:

    Yes, it’s better to repair what you have if you can. We, or really my husband, has learnt over the years how many rocks he need to add to the roof of chicken house, wood shed etc. to stop them blowing away! It’s always a battle with the winds.

  3. Colin says:

    A bit late to comment, but even here in Oxfordshire I suffered a twisted greenhouse frame earlier this year. Clips sprung out and, before the wind had found a way out as well as a way in, four panes of glass had been blown out. A fifth must have been whirled into the air and crashed against our house. Being toughened glass it shattered into myriads of glass granules that I am sure I will continue to find for years to come (D.V.).
    But in contrast my Keder greenhouse (an impulsive purchase two years ago) flexed and stretched and shrugged off the gales.
    Keders are not as beautiful as a traditional glass greenhouse, and are too costly for the normal allotment plot, but they seem to withstand really difficult conditions. Certainly by putting my over-wintering plants in my Keder I can lie awake listening to the wind with confidence that they will still be there in the morning.

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