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Between weather and work my aim to get on with jobs outside last week wasn’t to come off. Thursday night or Friday morning was a nightmare. My daughter phoned to say that my grandson was ill and after they’d rung NHS direct an ambulance was on the way.

Poor mite was having trouble breathing and his heart racing. The ambulance men agreed he need to go in and so they set off to Bangor. By the time they reached the hospital he’d shaken off whatever it was and was full of beans. I’m sure most parents have had similar; one moment they look desperately ill and you’re worried sick, the next they’re racing about and you feel a nit for panicking. Much better to be safe though.

The doctors checked him over and ran some tests before agreeing he could go back home which is where Dad’s taxi firm came in. Got home at 2am and by this time I was wide awake so didn’t fall asleep until 5am! Friday I was feeling like a zombie.

By Saturday I was determined to get something done apart from sitting at the computer but it was pouring down so into the greenhouse. Because I’ve been wary of opening the vents as we’ve had some very windy weather again and the humidity with the rain, it’s been ideal for fungal problems. The tomatoes were suffering grey mould and really at the end so harvested the lost and began cutting down and disassembling the supports.

Back indoors and determined not to go back onto the PC, I decided to convert some of the ripe tomatoes into soup following this Tomato & Lentil Soup Recipe. I don’t do a lot of cooking but quite enjoy it when I do. Sometimes other people enjoy my cooking as well!

Only change I made was to up the cayenne pepper a bit for an extra kick. Got to say it worked a treat. Just the thing to warm you up on a cold winter’s day. Split it up into two person portions and they’re for the freezer.

Today’s remembrance Sunday which I find gets more poignant as I get older. I’d done some research for an article and was surprised to find that our troops in the First World War were encouraged to develop plots and grow their own food.

The battle lines were static for most of the war, dug into those awful trenches. The army had difficulty supplying fresh food to the troops so those behind the lines grew it. They even had horticultural shows and competitions with medals for the best in show etc. like a village show today.

As I write, the weather on the BBC shows light cloud but outside hail is bouncing off the patio. However, She Who Must Be Obeyed has found me more jobs to do indoors so I’ll put my Barry Bucknall hat on and get busy later.

I had an email from Colin Smith who sent me a poem that I’d like to share. I’m not usually a poetry sort but this had me smiling.


If you think you always have it rough
and are usually second best, then
try to be a slug, like me,
to put you to the test.

Gardeners all hate me, laying
poisonous little trails, to
kill off all my fellow slugs
as well as any snails.

It’s true I nibble cabbages
and anything else that’s green.
Allotment holders go beserk with
language quite obscene.

So please just take a moment and
reflect on what you do.
Even slugs have feelings.
Believe me ‘cause it’s true.

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