Cataract – Here we go Again!

I’ve been diagnosed with another cataract – so my right eye will have a bionic lens soon. Even the Six Million Dollar Man only had one bionic eye as I recall. I say ‘soon’ but last time it took 18 months from diagnoses to operation due to the mysterious way our local hospital runs its systems.


Human Eye – Credit Petr Novák CC BY-SA 2.5

I’m in a screening program where I have photographs taken of my eyes annually so when they came back saying I needed to see the consultant as there was an abnormality, I imagined all the things that it could be. When the consultant said I had a cataract I felt mightily relieved!

Incidentally, I’ve been meaning to book a normal eye test for months. If I had had an eye examination then the optician would have picked up the cataract and referred me to the hospital. Since my mother has glaucoma, I should have annual eye tests as well, and they’re free.

Cataract Operation

If you’re facing a cataract operation, don’t worry – it’s a doddle as long as you do as you’re told with the aftercare and the results are amazing. You can read all about my previous cataract operation back in 2014

Unlike last time when I was very aware of a blurry spot in the centre of my left eye, this one is more diffuse – perhaps it’s larger but thinner, I don’t know. The problem is that things on the right are indistinct and tend to be, if not invisible, less noticeable.

This explains a couple of near misses I’ve had when driving recently and why I keep losing the mouse cursor on the computer screen. Now I know I have the problem I can compensate for it. Probably best to avoid driving, especially on dual carriage ways where awareness of traffic to the right is important.

Losing the cursor on the computer screen is a real annoyance, I’m trying to write another book and that often involves having a number of windows open. The document I’m working on, my notes, maybe another document and a web browser. To handle this I run with two screens side by side. I’m often now spending time hunting the cursor, especially if it has moved to the right.


My apologies that this isn’t to do with gardening – think of it as chatting on the plot. And an explanation as to why I’m being a little brief in emails. I do recall how my blogging about the first operation seemed to help some people waiting to go under the knife – so if you didn’t read it and you’re facing a cataract operation, please do. Cataract Operation

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10 comments on “Cataract – Here we go Again!
  1. Kathy says:

    The waiting time seems to get longer and longer here, and perhaps where you are too John. At least you are on the list to get this one sorted, John. In the meanwhile, Hunt the Cursor may have to be the order of the day I guess!

    • John Harrison says:

      I know ‘Hunt the Cursor’ might sound silly but it gets very annoying. I was so relieved when I was told it was another cataract, I forgot to ask how long!

  2. Sue Brown says:

    I had my surgery for cateract& removal of epiretinal membrane ( I didn’t know I had one either!) last September. What struck me most was that there was no bruising or bloodshot eye ! Despite being under the knife for 30 minutes! I had 2 lots of drops to use for 6 weeks after but well worth it for the great result. Good luck with your next op .

  3. Stephanie Cousins says:

    Hope you get it sorted soon and have a speedy and good recovery Xx

  4. Pat Gething says:

    I have had both done on a Health scheme I have had for many years which costs c £10 a month – well worth it for the lack of waiting to be dealt with! Both really successful and well worth the stress etc of the op and aftercare.

  5. John Harrison says:

    Thanks for the good wishes – they are appreciated 🙂

  6. C Forster says:

    Sorry to hear about your eyes hope all goes well for you and make a full recovery.

  7. Rowland Wells says:

    both the wife and me go to our local optician every year and every year one’s told we need a stronger pair of glasses I suppose its one of those things with getting in the mature years

    although I’m sorry to hear your having to go for this op John both the wife and me wish you well for a full recovery that I’m sure it will be good luck GL&RW

  8. Trevor Kinsman says:

    My wife last October had an operation for glaucoma and the NHS eye hospital were brilliant they can do so much nowadays her sight and pressures have improved immensely hope you can get an earlier time for the procedure on my allotment I didn’t realise how many people have cataracts but as you say it’s what we ( older folk ) talk a lot on our plots

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