Storm Doris Hits

Storm Doris

Storm Doris Blowing Across Us

I watched the weather forecast on Wednesday which was full of dire warnings about Storm Doris wreaking havoc on North Wales so double checked everything was battened down for the storm.

BBC Weather Showing Storm Doris

Behnaz Akhgar presenting the BBC weather showing Storm Doris

Polytunnel secured, shed doors shut and latched, greenhouse glass stripping in place and doors secured. Moved the plastic table and chairs into the shelter of the corner and thought I was about ready for what was coming.

Well it hit like a train. The wind hammering the rain onto the windows woke me up before dawn and finally I gave up and got up in response to crashing and banging outside.

Out into the porch where I could see things were all over the place. The greenhouse looked OK though. The Geopod shining out of the solar shed showed that all was well there and the big shed looked fine on the other side.

Settled down for a cup of tea and emails when the doorbell rang, it was the farmer from across the road to tell me a pane of glass had come out of the greenhouse and a top vent was flapping. Slipped my storm coat on over my dressing gown and my neighbour flipped the vent over so I could latch it tight again.

Back indoors to put more appropriate clothing on and back out to replace the large pane. I can’t find the side stripping but I’ve loads of ‘W’ clips and got it in with them. A pane had come out of the door as well, that was a couple of metres away on the grass to the side. This toughened glass is pretty tough. Phew!

Stepped back and a gust blew me over – incredible. They reckoned that Capel Curig measured 94 mph gusts and we’re usually around the same. Grandson’s playhouse has been blown off its base and some of the roofing felt has stripped off.

The polytunnel has come through unscathed as far as I can see. Fantastic!

At the very sheltered back of the house the wind has stripped many of the leaves off a bush which I’ve not seen happen before. Compared to a lot of people we’ve got off very lightly.

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