Sowing Onions and Cauliflowers

Wonderful Weather?

Listening to the weatherman today was quite surreal. He was talking of glorious sunshine in England and Wales as I looked out on freezing fog. The temperature hasn’t risen above 4 degrees in the back garden although the fog did lift for an hour around 3pm  but it came back with a vengeance.

Sowing Onions

Into the home greenhouse where a tray each of Ailsa Craig, Red Baron and Bedfordshire Champion were sown. Last year I was really pleased with the Ailsa Craig, so hoping for good things here. I’ve a couple of bags of sets as well to plant. We never seem to have enough onions.

Sowing Cauliflowers

Now I’m trying to be sensible and just grow enough, plus some spare of course, so I’ve just started by sowing into 3″ pots. Four seedlings of each will be plenty. I’ve sowed; Mayflower which produced my famous ping pong ball sized cauliflowers last year, Purple Graffiti for their amazing colour and All Year Round as my standard safety cropper.

Where to put the seed trays is the next question. Ideally you want around 13 degrees for onions. So to get them going they’ve joined Val’s flowers on the rack in the lounge, Bit of a talking point for visitors, our seed trays!

Once things start to show I’ll be putting the greenhouses to work, depending on the weather.

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