Repairing the Greenhouse Storm Damage and New Power Tools

Making the Most of Weather

Some good news on the weather front, at last. It’s not raining! Colder, true, but that is easy enough to cope with. They’re promising a good week so I’m going to make the most of it and take a bit of a break from work. If nothing else, it will help improve my fitness level, which could certainly do with it.

Greenhouse Repairs and Power Tools

Dropped down to the plot on Saturday where I discovered the problem with the big greenhouse. The wind had managed to twist the side, breaking the corner joint and increasing the frame width at the front so more glass had fallen.

I managed to fix things back into place and replace the glass so that was nearly it apart from putting a couple of screws into the bottom frame to secure more firmly to the wooden base.

Back home to pick up my cordless drill and back to the plot where it half managed to put in a screw before the battery died.

On Sunday I popped up to Focus (DIY shop) and they had a cordless drill for ?14.99 so decided to splash out. Then the chap pointed out that I could get another 2 tools for ?14.99 on a three for the price of two offer. Returned home with the drill, an angle grinder and a power stapler. Unfortunately I have nothing to staple, but I’m sure it will be useful one day and if I find any angles that need grinding, I am well equipped.

Today I tested the new drill out by finishing screwing in the greenhouse base and starting on the internal boards to form the deep beds. It’s far better than you could reasonably expect for the low cost.

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