Storm Damage to the Allotment Greenhouse

Counting the Cost

I suppose that compared to many, we got off lightly in the storm yesterday. My not so clever idea to stop the plastic roof of the greenhouse at home from flying away was to plonk a couple of bricks on the top.

Well the wind gusted and flicked off a brick, which fell straight down into the glass coldframe, breaking every pane in the lid.

The wind also managed to knock down our TV aerial, a bit more expensive to replace than the coldframe.

Allotment Greenhouses

Well I read on the forums how Noshed had lost her greenhouse, so with some fear I went around to the plot to see what the damage was.

Passing the first greenhouse on the site was not encouraging, half it’s glass had gone. Well my smaller greenhouse had done really well, no breakage at all but a couple of roof panes had slipped so I refitted them and added extra clips to stop it happening again.

The main greenhouse was a different story. Now when we built it, all the bits went into the only positions they could have come from but weirdly there is something not quite right. The gap is a fraction larger than it should be so the glass is pretty loose in some places.

So, tally was a couple of broken panes and a few more lying on the ground, miraculously unbroken. Down to the glass shop in town and returned twelve pounds lighter. Unfortunately it was too late to start putting the glass in so I’ll pop down in the morning. With a bit of luck, I’ll beat the next of wind although there seem to be a few gusts as I write this at 11pm.


I took the kitchen waste bin to empty into the big green compost bin and that was a bit weird. One of the pegs appears to have been pulled out by the wind wrenching the lid so a quick repair there.

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