Watering and Weeding plus a Plumbing Problem

Water and Weed

There’s not much going on down at the plot this week. The sun is boiling down so watering is the order of the day. Thank goodness we haven’t got hosepipe bans and drought orders.

The tap in front of plot 5 has developed a problem in that it spurts water out around the handle when it is turned on so the area of my plot by it is becoming a swamp. Since 5 other plot holders use the tap, it’s getting to be quite a problem. Larry says he will report it. I’d try and fix it myself but my plumbing abilities are not up to much. I’ve done a little plumbing in the past that has resulted in unusually placed indoor fountains.

The best was a washing machine tap. I turned off the water, fixed an inline tap on the cold water pipe, a very simple job, and turned the mains back on.

The tap blew off because I had cut the pipe a little short and despite my faith it would be alright, it wasn’t. So to the main stop cock but that had jammed. Grabbed a wrench to apply enough pressure to turn the thing and it decided to part company with the incoming water pipe. Now I have a high-pressure jet of water hitting the ceiling! Run across the road as the chap there is a plumber and he brings a handle to turn off the water at the point at the front of the house. That tap was broken too. Eventually the water board switched off the street to fix that tap so the plumber could fix my stop tap and the washing machine tap. Some things are not for me and plumbing is high on that list.

The weeds continue to grow and I continue to hoe. Usually I plug in my earphones to a radio when I’m working on the plot but the other day I was in a musical mood so the MP3 player was blasting rock into my brain. Yes you can hoe in time with the beat.

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