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Merry Tiller to the Rescue, Pigeon Problems

Merry Tiller to the Rescue

Down to the plot late afternoon where my new neighbours were continuing to clear plot 28. They’re incorporating a patch for their daughter as well, which I think is great.

Anyway, I lent him the tiller to break up the soil. I think it saved him a few hours at least although it’s going to need another going over or two. It’s a good feeling to help out people – what’s the phrase “better to give than receive”.


The broad beans are a little dry so got out the hosepipe. Note to those down south, not only can we buy a terraced house for less than a million pounds, we can use our hosepipes up north! My good sprinkler is broken but I’ve another one. Not so good but it did the job while I weeded the salad bed. I need to sow some more as the Lollo Rosso has failed to germinate and I’m a bit short of salad crops.


Went down to the brassicas on plot 5 and the dratted pigeons have got in through the makeshift defences. I nearly caught one of them but couldn’t bring myself to kill it. Part of me thinks they are just vermin and I should ring its neck. The other part sees another creature trying to survive and desperate to live. Perhaps I should face up to my squeamishness and be prepared to kill an animal or give up eating meat.

Anyway, I gave it a good shouting at! They’ve left skeletons of the Brussels sprouts and some of the Romanescue. I’ll buy some stuff tomorrow and construct a more efficient defence.

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