Onions, Brassicas and the Allotment Shop

Back from London

Got back from our wonderful capital, lovely in the blazing sun and heat. Mr Branson decided that if I wanted to travel home on his Virgin Train off-peak then I would pay a hundred pounds more for my ticket so wandered around for a few hours killing time. Then, as usually happens on the 18:08 from London Euston to Glasgow via Crewe, the seat reservation system was not applicable and it was a free for all, grab a seat game. The near empty train just after 4pm would have been more relaxing and why they have to run those empty first class carriages as well is beyond me.

Friday has been a catch-up day; the sheer number of emails alone is scary. So at 5pm I downed tools and mowed the lawn and that gave me an attack of hay fever!

The only pills we have are described as ‘non-drowsy’ and I find they keep me awake if I take one late, so stocked my pockets with tissues before I sneezed my way to the plot.

Took the cloches off the sweetcorn since the sun is boiling anyway and checked the soil, which is still damp below the surface so I didn”t need to water them. Bit of tidying up in the shed and put the cloches away before doing a bit of hoeing between the sweetcorn and broad beans on plot 29


The good news is that the disease seems to have been halted by the spray. I really didn?t want to use it but at least we will have some onions. Fingers crossed because a bit of luck is needed by any gardener.


The poorly cauliflowers are now 100% dead. I really don?t know what I did so wrong as the cabbages are looking so well.

Watered everything on the tent cloche, the new beans are popping up now and the coldframe. Apparently Larry watered for me while I was away, which is great because they needed it today so I think they would have been desperate without his help!

Returned home only to be sent back for a lettuce and some radishes. Apparently, I had been told earlier in the day. My brain must be going.

Allotment Shop

Finally, in case you haven?t noticed, Twowests have put on some special offers just for our site. I get a small commission on the sales that go through and that helps pay for the costs of running this site, Having said that, it?s always difficult to balance between a few bob and spoiling the site with becoming commercial. I think Twowests products are good and the prices are generally fair so I?m happy to partner with them on this. Check out the offers here.

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