Moving the Greenhouse Base and Lime for the Comfrey Bed

Running the gauntlet!

Down to the plot about half past one but I was captured by our next door neighbour as I left the house. He’s a lovely chap as long as you have an hour or six to spare! He’s in his 80’s and drives off to Russia with his younger wife a couple of times a year. I think he is Polish by birth. His tales of his childhood in German occupied Poland bring tears to your eyes. Managed to get to the plot half an hour later.

Greenhouse base

First job was to move the beams onto plot 29 that will form the base for my greenhouse. These are about twelve feet long and 8″ by 4″. Luckily Larry helped me to move them. A little heavy to move by myself.


The comfrey bed got a dusting of lime. Comfrey gets a lot of manure and the soil gets acid quite quickly so a little lime each year keeps it sweet. Correct PH enables plants to take the maximum nutrients from the soil.

Back to digging.

Despite still being a little claggy, managed to dig over another 10 square metres before low light saved me from a permanent back injury. Despite the cold and damp, which really seems to suck heat from you, I was sweating. I think the thing with exercise is to take it on a regular basis, This bad weather means too much ‘off on’ for me.

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