Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or Whatever!

Merry Christmas!

Apparently, in the USA they now say Happy Holidays to avoid giving offence to non-Christians at this time of year. Well, I’ve had a Christmas card with three wise men and a star from a Muslim, one from a Jew and Solstice Greetings from a Pagan.

So, I don’t care if it is politically incorrect, Merry Christmas to everyone of whatever faith. A message of peace, love and hope in adversity is appropriate to everyone.

Computer still down

If you’ve not had an email from me and were expecting one, sorry. The main system is still down. I could write a whole page on why, what’s wrong etc. Anyway, I’m re-building the software now and the hardware is stable. The dead back-up machine will be online in January. When disaster strikes, boy does it strike!


I now have a new fancy PH tester so I can apply appropriate amounts of lime where needed. Plus a chemical test kit to check the electronic tester is working properly. Knowing my luck with back up systems, I’m doomed!

I’ve also got a large paraffin heater ready for the greenhouse on the plot, when I get it built. Hopefully before June.

Larry, the site rep, is calling round later with some brussel sprouts for us. I didn’t grow any this year but having had some properly cooked at my sister’s and discovering I like them, I will grow some for next year.

On the plot

I’m going round later for a parsnip and some spring onions. The annual cookfest is about to start.  We have six for dinner tomorrow, including four cats but boxing day we have a houseful and many of them are vegetarians. Actually a really nice break from the poultry having a vegetarian day.

I love beans and Rose Elliot’s Bean Book is my guide.

Digging etc. can wait until after the system is rebuilt

Once again, have a great time.

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