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Paraffin Heating the Greenhouse

Coping with the Cold

It’s been a while since we”ve had weather like this, really cold. Strange thing about cold weather in the UK is that it feels colder at freezing than it does at minus 10 in Scandinavia. I think it is to do with the damp here.

Anyway,  I started with a small paraffin heater in the coldframe but Val was concerned it was too cold for her pelargoniums  and fucias even in the greenhouse. So the large heater was drafted into service where it held the temperature above freezing even at minus 7 outside.

One unforeseen problem has been that the small heater has caused the glass to crack in the coldframe. I think it may have been better at the back of the frame where the slope would have given more space between heat source and glass.

The other unforeseen problem was the smell of paraffin that permeated the office. I discovered the relatively new extension has windows with small gaps between them and the wall. What is the point of double glazing if a draft comes in around the window?

I?d never realised the gap was there before and have applied some decorator?s caulk to the worst gap. Silicone sealant to the outside is next, but that will have to wait for warmer weather.

 On the plot

Took a stroll down to the plot with a couple of bags for the compost bin. The site was empty, surprise! Everywhere is frozen solid and I?m really cross I haven?t gotten it all dug as per plan. Still, I suspect we?ll have a few more cold spells before winter is over.

Having finally rebuilt the software on my computer, I think seed ordering is the order of the day for tomorrow.

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