Water Storage Problems and Comfrey Liquid Feed

Engineering collapse of water storage system

The water barrel on plot 29 managed to tip over. Basically it needs a more solid foundation and Tony from plot 28 has offered a thick concrete slab for this. By the time the barrel had emptied it was too late to start so that’s the job for tomorrow. I think it is a good thing for the world I’m not an engineer.

Planting, Weeding and Watering

Planted the few tendercrop French beans and Twiggy Kenya beans on plot 29 next to the Canadian Wonder beans. Germination has been poor and they don’t look brilliant but perhaps they will perk up.

I planted the 5 Cobra and 1 Blue Lake climbing beans next to the sweetcorn on plot 5. Theory is they will climb the sweetcorn and their root nodules will provide nitrogen for the sweetcorn. A variant on the ‘3 sisters’ theory

Thinned the turnips and spent half an hour with the hoe. Weeds.. why can’t the veggies grow as fast?

Good watering where things were looking dry, rain promised for the weekend. Most of the year I moan about how wet things are – the rest how dry!

Comfrey Liquid Feed

Another cut from the comfrey bed went into the barrel, which is topped up with water. Couple of weeks it will stink and be a wonderful tomato feed. Only took about half the bed, so the rest will be cut and spread amongst the maincrop on plot 29

Rat problem?

As I walked up plot 5 spotted another rat – it took one look at me and ran under the shed on plot 4. I do hope these beasties are not going to become a problem.

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