Stormy Weather

It’s often the case that we get a bit of a storm in May but by June we’re moving into summer and hopefully enjoying better weather. Not this year, though. Yesterday was the first of June and we had winds gusting up to near 80mph and two inches of rain poured down in our area.

It’s managed to rip leaves from the trees and there are bits of leaf all over the paths. Luckily for us I’d had a couple of old trees cut down after we moved in. They would have come down for sure and probably caused damage.

The big sycamore near the LPG storage tank was cut back severely and it’s only this year that it is looking more like a tree and less like a collection of stumps. So glad we had it done, the thought of either the tree or a large branch from it coming down on the fuel tank is not comforting!

Deciduous trees normally weather the winter storms because they have no leaves in winter to catch the wind but this latest storm has brought down more than a few as they are in full leaf.

As for the temperatures; it was showing as 8degC in the afternoon and today isn’t much better – up to 11. The poor plants don’t know whether to grow or try and duck under the soil until winter is over.

The good news is that the greenhouse has held up. My strengthening additions, anti-door-blowing-off brackets and so forth have done the trick. I’m not saying I wasn’t worried. I heard a crash in the night and had to get up. So, in dressing gown with an anorak over and torch in hand I was outside checking it was OK at 2am. The rain was hammering into my face. It was a plastic garden chair learning to fly that caused the noise.

The cats were looking at me as if I’d finally lost my wits when I came back in to towel off. Actually, they might have a point!

It looks like it’s nearly over now (2pm) and the weather forecast is sunny for tomorrow. I can but hope.

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