Grow Your Own Chocolate!

Well March ended with a bit of a bang. We had some reasonable weather and Monday, the last day of March, was superb. The sun was bright, the sky blue and it was warm. In fact Porthmadog, which is about 15 miles from us was the warmest place in the UK hitting 19.8C

Then the bang. Around tea time the rain came down in buckets and we had thunder and lightening. It was all very dramatic. I’d forgotten I’d left the computer on and so, of course, the power flickered and off it went. Note to self – save more frequently. 2 hours work vanished to electron heaven.

Now I’ve heard rumours that we’re going to have a hot summer and the season has certainly started off well now but last time I predicted a hot summer it ended up as the wettest ever. So fingers crossed other peoples predictions are better than mine.

Grow Your Own Chocolate

Now I would have thought that growing chocolate would require a heated greenhouse at least as it’s usually grown in the tropics. But I’ve been proven wrong as this video from my pals at Growveg garden planning software shows.

From: Growveg garden planning software

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3 comments on “Grow Your Own Chocolate!
  1. Steve Watkins says:


    Love the video regarding growing M & Ms ! Tell me do you know where I can get hold of a spaghetti tree ??????

    Best Regards

    Steve W

  2. Tony Parker says:

    Hi John,
    in response for your request for tips on growing blue M&M’s. I’ve had huge success. In fact this year my entire crop was nearly all blue. My secret? Play some music to your plants. I recommend John Lee Hooker’s “Unfriendly Woman”, it really brings out those blues.

  3. Drew says:

    M&M plants need extra warmth at this time of year, so extra insulation wrapped around the base of the stem is a necessity. I used an Everton scarf last year and all of my crop were blue, this year I’m using a Liverpool scarf, hoping for red and the big prize at the end-of-season show.

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