Moving on Brassicas and Sinking in the Mud

After a bit of a showery morning the sun actually broke through late afternoon. Not being too trusting of the weather I thought I’d go to the potting shed and move on some calabrese that were in 3″ pots. They’d been pretty slug munched and I’d given up on them but when we were away our neighbour had kindly watered them That combined with the sunshine seemed to have them back on track. Being as planting out is not on today they went into 6″ pots.

I also sowed some cauliflowers in modules. Pavilion that I did well with last year and Aalsmeer which should be ready next April.

Since the weather seemed to be holding with a blue sky I thought I’d continue down to the allotment and plant out the beans. Walked down to the bed rotovated yesterday and it didn’t look too bad.  I stepped out onto the bed and promptly sank six inches into the soil with a squishing sound. Oh no! Quicksand!

Onto plan B and out with the hoe. The good news is that adding all the compost to the soil has made it far easier to hoe and even just pulling weeds by hand is easy in the light soil. The bad news is that there is an awful lot of weeds. Anyway, got a patch cleared and was cleaning between onions when I felt a spot of rain.

Now I had learnt a lesson yesterday – when sky turns black and wet spot lands on your head, it’s time to return home pronto. So I did.

As it happens it didn’t pour down but looking at my rain guage we’ve had 62mm of rain in the last few days. Flaming June?

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