Low Cost Living

Our third book, Low Cost Living, is now available. It’s not just about saving money, although that’s part of it. In some ways its about being green, not the silly greenwash green that the media is pushing but practical ways to be green.

Low Cost Living Book

Low Cost Living Book

Let me explain, buying a windmill for your house might be great fun but there’s no way you’ll ever get your money back. The capital cost will never be repaid before it dies. Not just the money, but the carbon emissions its manufacture caused will never be covered. That’s expensive greenwash.

Now putting proper controls on your central heating or cavity wall insulation might not be exciting or make good telly, but you get your money back fairly quickly and save a load of carbon emissions. I call that green sense.

There’s an awful lot more to it, but I’ve put full details up on the site:- Low Cost Living. Take a look, you can buy it direct from me, signed or from Amazon or any bookstore as you prefer.

Because it covers topics and areas that really don’t quite fit with Allotment Growing, I’ve started a new site to complement the book. It’s still building but you might find it interesting. Low Cost Living Web Site.

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