Lettuce Vinegar Recipe

lettuce vinegar
Recipe for Lettuce Vinegar submitted by Bob Cookson

Ingredients for Lettuce Vinegar:

  • Lettuce
  • Onion
  • Sugar
  • Vinegar

Method for Lettuce Vinegar:

  1. Peel and chop an onion finely, finely shred a lettuce.
  2. Place onion and lettuce in a bowl add copious amounts of sugar and vinegar and stir. Quantity of sugar and vinegar is of personal taste. Leave to stand for half an hour.

This mixture makes a fantastic dressing when spooned over fish and chips, try it with cauliflower cheese or macaroni cheese.

Cover the bowl with cling-film and it keeps for ages. The lettuce may go brown, but it keeps its delicious flavour. If left with a bowl of brown vinegar when the lettuce and onion has been consumed… well chop more of each and use the same vinegar sugar mixture to refresh.


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6 comments on “Lettuce Vinegar Recipe
  1. Val says:

    Thanks for the recipe…..I’ve posted it.

  2. I am always looking for ways to use lettuce (it is so good for us) Helps us “relax!!”.
    This looks unusual; great I will try it. Thank you.
    (Along with the lettuce & peas That I already make often.)

  3. shoshannah says:

    Thank you for your recipe. Can I ask how long will the lettuce vinegar last if it is bottled or left in a crock pot?

  4. Jacqueline says:

    I am a homecarer and visit an elderly lady who swears by this recipe, which she got from her grandmother who used to make it. The lady I visit is 91 so how old is this recipe?

    She is as bright as a button, has a fantastic memory, gets on and does jobs around the home, is chatty and always happy.
    I am wondering if this recipe is the reason why? Any comments?

  5. Graham says:

    My Grandad used to make this and we all loved it on our Sunday dinner in place of mint sauce – we never asked him the quantity of each ingredient though and my Dad and I have never been able to replicate the recipe to be as nice as my Grandad’s version.

  6. Mrs Dorothy Ward says:

    Brought up on this, served with Yorkshire pudding on a Sunday then through the week with cold meats and new potatoes. Just had it fresh from the allotment

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