Pineapple & Courgette Jam Recipe

pineapple and courgette

Pineapple & Courgette Jam Recipe Submitted by Spana

This is a recipe I’ve adapted from an old book and it’s worked good enough for everyone to be eating it without going YUK.  I’ve made it several times now and it’s worked each time so here goes.

Ingredients for Pineapple & Courgette Jam :

  • 1lb 12oz or there about peeled courgettes.  If really big take out seeds before weighing.
  • Juice 2 lemons
  • 1 tin Tesco (or another supermarkets) value pineapple pieces, drained.  The tin says 540g, drained weight 340g
  • 1 Kg (2lb 2oz) bag Silver Spoon Jam Sugar (that’s sugar with added pectin)

Method for Pineapple & Courgette Jam:

  1. Put peeled courgettes in food processor and blast until almost chopped.
  2. Add drained pineapple and give a short blast  to finish. It needs to be fine but not too fine but not pulp.
  3. Scrape into jam pan, add lemon juice and sugar.  Give it a good stir to get the juices running.
  4. Put on a low heat and stir until all the sugar granules have melted then bring to boil and boil fast for 4 minutes only.

That’s it.  Pot into hot sterilized jars and seal.
It’s not bad, honest.

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15 comments on “Pineapple & Courgette Jam Recipe
  1. sheila says:

    is the sugar a 1lb bag or 2lb bag?

  2. Val says:

    1 kg bag (2.2 lb).

  3. martin hammon says:

    I was a bit confused by two points with this recipe….
    a) the combination of ingredients and,
    b) the cooking time of only 4 minutes (from when starting to boil). Where was the reduction in quantity, and where was the “back of the spoon test”?

    Need not have bothered.

    Absolutely terrific. Another addition to the “use up the courgette recipe list”.

    Martin Hammon.
    aka Tom the Barber.
    PS. Well done on a fabulous site.

  4. Wendy Willetts says:

    Hello to all,
    I made this jam on the 19 August. It was delicious. On the 21st August it was entered in the allotment society show and came second……My first win and the first time I’d entered antyhing into a show. I’ve made jam tarts with the little bit that was left, ready for my friends who are coming for lunch tomorrow.
    Thanks for a lovely recipe.
    I will be back again,
    Regards Wendy

  5. alan atkinson says:

    very nice needs more than 4 mins boiling but a very fruity and tangy jam 9 out of 10

  6. Pat says:

    Please what do I do with 6 pots of unset jam Should I boil it again? If so, for how long? Should I add pectin? If so how much? I followed the recipe very carefully.
    Pat Francome

  7. Val says:

    Did you use jam sugar? If so there should have been enough pectin to give a set. How long have you left it, are the jars fully cool yet? If not, leave overnight and see how it looks in the morning. As a last resort, tip it back out, bring back to the boil and re-test for setting point – if you still have problems add some commercial liquid or dry pectin. If you do this, don’t forget to thoroughly wash and re-sterilise the jars.

  8. Pat says:

    Thank you, Val,
    I will try the reboiling, if that doesn’t work I’ll try the pectin. I know it’s cold as I did it 2 weeks ago. Thanks for the advice about resterilizing

  9. Michelle says:

    I made this earlier in the year but labelled it as Pineapple Jam as I have some fussy eaters, they love it

  10. phill says:

    Just made the jam, to use up some of the courgettes. Tried the bit left after all the jars were full, very tasty, another excellent recipe on here, well done.

  11. Karen Ricketts says:

    Used yellow courgettes…looks and tastes great. 4 mins didn’t work for me, had to boil for about 20 mins. Thank you very much for the recipe.

  12. Lizzie says:

    Can you tell me what quantity it makes…eg how many jars would I need ?

  13. Sue Read says:

    This jam is delicious – thank you so much. I had a very ripe fresh pineapple going spare so I used half of that instead of a tin. Haven’t had pineapple jam since I was a child – aahh, the memories flooding back 🙂

  14. colette says:

    Hi tried this recipe for the first time, absolutely lovely, now my favourite jam.

  15. Ros says:

    I have made a similar jam but using apricots instead. I shall try this one with the pineapple as a change. Thanks

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