John’s Cabbage Recipe

john's cabbage

Recipe for John’s Cabbage submitted by John Harrison

The way I cook cabbage is really simple and fast but it makes it delicious if not very healthy!

Shred green cabbage leaves.

Take a heavy based pan with a tight fitting lid and melt a good knob of  butter in the pan.

Add the cabbage, stirring and mixing to coat it with the butter and grind black pepper over. You could add salt but we don’t. Lot’s of pepper though.

Add a couple of dessert spoon full of water and about a dessert spoon of lemon juice. Keep moving the cabbage around to stop it sticking or burning.

After a minute or so turn off the heat and put the lid on the pan.  Couple of minutes later it’s ready. We have a nice pan that we can serve from we use for this and it will just hold until the rest of the meal is ready.

Sorry the quantities are not exact, just do what feels right. You do need enough butter to coat the cabbage. It avoids that ‘cabbage smell’ pervading the kitchen as well.

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3 comments on “John’s Cabbage Recipe
  1. Jean says:

    Going to try this recipe as sounds delicious. Any vegetarian dishes l can serve it with?
    Thanks, Jean

  2. Julie Knowles says:

    I have been cooking my cabbage this way for a number of years now. I can’t abide boiled cabbage, (school dinners come to mind!) so as soon as I heard about cooking this way, it changed my dinners no end. It’s a far superior way to eat.

  3. Janet Greenwood says:

    Blooming heck, why haven’t I tried this before?! Only problem was we ate most of it before it got anywhere near the table, fabulous.

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