Pickled Beetroot Recipe



  • Beetroot
  • Water
  • Spiced Vinegar (See recipe for Quick Spiced Vinegar)


  1. Wash the beetroot carefully without rubbing the skin.
  2. Cook gently in a large pan, covering the beetroot with water, until tender (the length of time will depend on the size of the beetroot).
  3. Allow to cool and then rub off the skins.
  4. Large beetroot can be cut into slices of about ¼" or diced into cubes.
  5. Pack into clean, sterilized, jars and cover with cold spiced vinegar.
  6. Seal and label with date and contents.

Note: You can use boiling spiced vinegar instead – this makes the storage life longer and it retains the colour.

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SINEAD DUIGNAN @ 12:43 pm #

Hi, I've been picking 2 yrs now,I find cider vinegar too strong yet it is the only organic vinegar I can find.(i've diluted it with water,but unsure if it preserves as well.)I'm trying spirit vinegar at present as I see most commercial pickles use spirit vinegar.Have you any thoughts that can help me.I'm in a bit of e pickle!!

Rod @ 8:25 pm #

Don't bother with water and a pan… microwave for 3 minutes! Life's too short.
Delicious either way.

Chari @ 3:16 pm #

Can I use rice wine vinegar?

Chari @ 3:21 pm #

Rod, do you microwave with water or just the beets? I'm new to cooking, you see :) ). Thanks.

susan kathleen garbutt @ 4:53 pm #

is it ok to use spiced white vinegar

mary barden @ 10:22 am #

I've always added sugar when the vinegar has been too strong, it seems to calm it down and helps the flavours to develop.

I never liked the sharp taste of my Dads pickled beetroot , yet love beetroot . I found this recipe in the paper & have used it every time .
Simmer or bake your unpeeled beetroot ( wrap in foil for the oven ) until you can skin them easy,
In a pan simmer together 7fl ozs cider vinager 4 Tbls golden syrup 2 Tbls dark brown sugar, salt & pepper to your taste, Spoon the cooked beetroot ( sliced or if small , whole)in to warmed jars & pour the liquid over .
This keeps well in the fridge!!!

grace @ 9:06 pm #


I'm about to try and pickle beetroot for the first time and was wondering if anyone can tell me approximately how long it will last when I've pickled it?

Thank you

Chris @ 6:20 pm #

Keep it in the fridge or a cool dark place – lasts for about 3 months. You know when it is time to get rid – it changes colour (paler) but I don't think it will last that long!

Jenny @ 6:42 pm #

Hi I have just pickled beetroot for the first time! Can you tell me when it is ready e.g red cabbage is ready after 1 week, what time is it for beetroot?
My husband and I took on an allotment last year and have had quite a good crop (admittedly the beetroot isn't ours)and we have found this site extremely useful

Jenny @ 7:13 pm #

Well I got impatient and tasted it anyway! It is delicious so I guess mine took only 2 days in total!

Pat @ 5:07 pm #

Your recipe sounds excellent! How long do you simmer the cider vinegar, syrup and sugar together before you pour it over the cooked beetroot?
Thanks for your time.

dave @ 9:56 pm #

Still using mine from last season. No change in taste or colour (only time I lost colour was when I used the huge jars procured doing this from my local chippy,, took ages to eat) Just doing this seasons now .

Angie @ 11:43 pm #

Hi I have been pickling beetroot for a couple of years now and I cook my beetroot in the oven. Pre heat fan forced oven to 180 C, leave about 2 inches of stalk on and wrap with aluminium foil. Place on a tray and cook in oven for about 50 min to 1 hour depending on size. You can pierce with a skewer to test softness. Remove from oven, allow to cool a little, remove from foil (I wear food gloves) before they cool top and tail and remove skin, then use egg slicer to slice. Place in sterilized jars and pour over your vinegar solution to the top. Put lid on, turn upside down for 2 minutes then turn up. Keeps very well in fridge. Make sure you use a clean fork each time, this is usually how they spoil if not using clean utensils. Cheers. Angie

Angie @ 11:45 pm #

P.S. Wrap each beetroot separately as it is easier to handle and cook this way. Cheers, Angie.

Lorraine @ 8:28 am #

I have done this and for some reason it developed a slight whiteish fur?
Any idea what causes this

Angie @ 1:58 am #

Hi Lorraine here is my recipe for the vinegar solution for pickling beetroots.
6 to 7 small beetroots (leave about 2 inches of stem on). Wash well, then either boil, steam or roast till tender (place a skewer in gently to see if done.

In a saucepan place -
300 ml malt vinegar
150 ml water
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1 bayleaf
2 whole cloves(optional)
4 peppercorns
Combine all, bring to boil reduce heat and simmer about 5 minutes.
Cool and strain into clean jug.
Sterilise jars.
Peel cooked beetroot when warm – do not let them go cold otherwise you will not be able to peel properly.
Use an egg slicer or knife to slice the beetroot and place in sterilised jars.
Pour the cooled vinegar into the jars to almost the top. Seal and turn upside down to shift any bubbles. Re-open jars and pour more liquid in if needed. Seal and place in fridge.
Leave for about a week before using so that the flavours meld.
Remember – only use clean utensils to take out beetroot.
I have never had any "fur" or mould on my beetroot – so maybe make sure the jars are sterilized (you can do this in the dishwasher or oven)
Good luck and let me know how you go.

Ron Davis @ 4:54 pm #

Thank you all for recipes and Angie too for the pickling advice. Just harvested my first crop of beetroot and looking forward to pickling.

I have lots of vegetables coming on and can't wait to sample. Has anyone any advice on storing root vegetables and potatoes and preserving cabbage i.e. by freezing or other. Thank you

Ruth @ 9:37 pm #

I am about to harvest my first crop of beetroot and have never done any pickling before. I read that you should not put vinegar in metal lidded jars as this will encourage rust. Any comments? What do people use?

Kelly Rogers @ 6:19 am #

Hi, this maybe a silly question however I've just pickled some beetroot for the first time and I was wondering how long I seal and leave it before I can eat it?

Angie @ 1:36 am #

Hi Ruth
I use the clear film you use for sealing jars of jam, or you can use glad wrap (doubled over) so that the liquid does not touch the lids.

Also, once sealed tightly I turn the jar on its' lid for a minute or two so that any bubbles on the bottom go to the top to remove the air.
Less air, longer life of product.

mark @ 5:59 pm #

I found that if you heat the the jar of pickled beetroot in the microwave (with the lid of ) then put lid on, not to tight turn upside down then back upright, loosen lid to let air out then tighten, you will form a vacuum seal as it cools , the pop up button on top will go in just the same as shop bought pickle and I think it keeps a lot longer !!!
ps don't boil in micro just get it hot.

jenny @ 6:20 pm #

Hi found your comments very useful. I just pickled beetroot for the first time this year, hopefully Iv'e done it right and it will last. Thanks everyone.

Lynne @ 12:44 pm #

@Angie: great idea using egg slicer never thought of that.

sue @ 8:20 pm #

I have pickled beetroot for the first time I used Sarsons ready to use pickling vinegar, tried first lot tonight and we found the vinegar was too strong. Any help/advise would be welcome

Angie @ 6:25 am #

Hi Sue Try my recipe above and see how you go. Leave for about 1 week befor you eat it. @sue:

George Loughran @ 4:48 pm #

I have pickled beetroot for the first time this year. I have used malt vinegar and I find the result is too much acidity and bitter. Is there anything I can do?

james Heath @ 9:55 pm #

@susan kathleen garbutt: We tried it with wine vinegar I think its better. Perhaps white vinegar ia a bit too harsh

Ger @ 8:49 pm #

@Angie: thanks for recipe but do I let the beetroot and liquid go cold before sealing the pots

Angie @ 1:57 am #

Make the vinegar liquid first, strain, let cool, and then peel the warm beetroot and place warm sliced beetroot or whole baby beets in the warm sterilised jars. Do not let the beetroot go cold before peeling as they will be hard to peel. Cheers

Angie @ 2:00 am #

Oh, yes, seal them while beetroot still warm in jars, turn upside down for about 1 to 2 minutes then put away in fridge to pickle for a week before you eat – Kali Orexi – Bon Apetite Angie

Christine Jameson @ 10:46 am #

I could not resist buying two very large beetroots in my local garden centre as they were reduced at the end of the day. I had never seen such large beetroots before. My intention was to make beetroot soup which I do quite regularly but when I weighed the beetroot each one weighed over 1.5 pounds. I thought I would just pickle one of them and am wondering how long do you think it would take to roast this in the oven? I could be tempted once it is cooked to perhaps just pickle half of the beetroot and bake a cake with the other as it is so large.

Barry Collins @ 9:54 pm #

@Angie: Hi Angie, used your recipe for pickling beetroot…..very successful…..delicious results. Thanks a lot for sharing.

Sarah Louise @ 12:43 pm #

I totally agree…I used to be horrified by how much beetroot colour bled out when I boiled mine – even with stalk and root still attached. I now always bake them. It intensifys the flavour and the colour! I pour white wine vinegar that has sugar dissolved in it and a teaspoon of mustard seed. Best beetroot I have ever tasted!

Paul @ 8:46 pm #

@Ruth: keep the metal lids and put a plastic sandwich bag over the jar then screw the metal lid on. Forms a very good seal.

Liz @ 9:34 pm #

I pickled beetroot about 3 weeks ago and opened a jar today & there was a mould on top. Can anyone help please?

Lee smith @ 6:14 pm #

Hi angie,
I tried your recipe last weekend and tonight I tasted my efforts, Wow it tastes absolutely fantastic , a great recipe if you have any more, for pickled onions maybe please pass them on

Regards Lee

chris mearns @ 3:42 pm #

@SINEAD DUIGNAN: I want to make sweet malt vinegar for my beetroot. like baxters make. Anyone got a recipe. Thanks Chris

*Anne Tattersall @ 4:34 pm #

Hi Angie
I have been away this week and had beetroot and orange relish, it was really nice. As I am not a lover of vinegar I wondered if you had a recipe.

Regards Anne

william thwaites @ 7:21 pm #

I am keen on obtaining a recipe for pickled beetroot as previous attempts have not been successful due to the sourness of the beet using sarsons pickling vinegar which said that it did not require boiling. I tried adding sugar about 6 months later when I was ready to eat it but this did not get rid of the sourness. I will try the above recipe which I see does include 1/2 cup of sugar. Thanks for recipe. William

William Thwaites @ 6:50 pm #

@Angie: Looking at your vinegar solution for pickled beetroot it seems to me that the quantity of liquid is very small (300plus 150 ml.) What weight of beet is this expected to cater for?

Carol @ 7:49 pm #

Thanks, looks good giving it a try tomorrow

Shinina @ 2:02 pm #

@Patricia Stockham:
Hello Patricia thank you for the recipe, sounds lovely. Have you any idea how long the beetroot will keep in the fridge, I would like to pickle enough for Christmas and 2015. Shinina

muriel Williams @ 10:40 am #

Can I ask where is the recipe for 'quick spiced vinegar'. I could not find when I put this in the search box (top left).

Avril @ 11:09 am #

Hi I have malt vinegar I've heard you can use this for pickling beetroot but need to add sugar. Is this true and if so how much

Ella @ 7:46 pm #

Hi – I've just baked my beetroot ready for pickling. Can I leave the skins on overnight so that I can finish pickling them tomorrow??

Ella @ 7:32 am #

Hi – Muriel,
If you type Quick Spiced Vinegar in the top left box it comes up with Pickled Mushrooms Recipe – you then have to scroll down as it's on that page along with other recipes :) @muriel Williams:

joan glendenning @ 3:10 pm #

Can you store your pickled beetroot in your larder cupboard or do they have to be stored in the fridge?

Becky @ 1:22 pm #

Hi, if I want to do pickled beetroot to last until after Christmas, what sort of vinegar solution should I use or will any of them last long term as I make Christmas hampers for my family and wanted to use up beetroot from the garden.

Dunnchad @ 10:30 am #

I steam my beetroot the taste is fantastic try it

Angie @ 10:16 pm #

@Ella: Hi Ella It is best to peel while still warm as it will be hard to remove skins when cold

Yvonne Roberts @ 1:50 pm #

Thank you, so easy, since my husband retired he has gone into growing our own, we give away a lot and waste a lot, so decided to try and preserve, thanks for your help.

lyn turner @ 3:21 pm #

@william thwaites:
We use picking vinegar now and add sugar to it, boil it to dissolve the sugar or get it hot enough to dissolve the sugar, and then use in the normal way. We also found just using vinegar gave a very sour taste to the beetroot the first time we did it. You can add peppercorns if liked. We did it in batches the second time and used about eight teaspoons of sugar to fill two jars. These were 500g jars at first. It worked out really well and the beetroot was delicious without the citrus taste.

Agnes dickie @ 12:38 pm #

Used your pickling recipe last year for my beetroot it tasted fantastic, all my neighbours got a jar to try and they loved it. Going to start this years batch next week. Thanks again.

Diane @ 2:11 pm #

This sounds a good recipe, how long could you keep the beetroot in the fridge?

Mike @ 8:11 pm #

@Rod: Just going through the comments, how do you prepare for Microwave and is 3 minutes long enough

David.h @ 6:06 pm #

@Ron Davis: Potatoes need to be left on soil
for a few hours on soil where pulled up to dry, soil will then wash off easily
allow to dry again. Make sure there are no damaged ones or any with holes in
as these might have wire worm or slugs in, buy spud sacks from farm shop
50 pence each, fill with spuds and store in shed cool dark place. Good luck

silvia @ 11:52 pm #

Love beetroot. So, I boil or bake mine, slice it up, put it in clean jars, add some balsamic vinegar – a three slurps- double the quantity of olive oil and use in salads or just eat it without the greenery.

Ingrid Ransome @ 5:54 pm #

I put a little water in when microwaving

John G @ 1:35 pm #

@grace: If it's pickled and jarred properly it can easily last for a couple of years

Molly @ 10:45 pm #


I have a couple of jars of home pickled beetroot and cucumber but find them very sharp, is it to late to add sugar.

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